Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Something has been on my mind lately.  Perspective

This word is troublesome to me at times.  It can be the center of an argument.  It can be the reason two people cannot see eye to eye.  It can cause frustration and disagreement and hurt.

But lately this word has brought me humility, comfort, and a sense of blessing.

I told you that I broke my toe.  Well, it still hurts, and I am still wearing this boot.  It has slowed me down, kept me from doing fun things with my family, and in general been an annoyance.  But I realize that it could be worse.  I could have had to wear a cast, which would mean I couldn't shower or shave... two of my must-do's for every morning.  I could have had a more serious, permanent injury, or been given a terminal prognosis.  This toe has given me perspective.

Last week I was working on the finances for my business {my least favorite part of small business ownership}, and I was frustrated that no matter how much money comes in... it seems that there is always as much money going out.  I have felt many times over the last few months God's confirmation that this is where He has me, and yet I was frustrated that I seem to spin my wheels in the profitability department.  But then, almost audibly, I heard God tell me, "Emmy... when did you hear me say that this business was for YOUR blessing?"  I was reminded of my employees, who get to come to work when they want, for as long as they want, wearing what they want, and then get to take a paycheck home to their families.  I was reminded of Penelope's amazing Nanny that gets to play with the cutest baby on the planet a few days a week, and then work on her own developing business on her days off.  I was reminded of the many emails I have received from customers that LIVE by their planners.  And most importantly, I was reminded of the opportunity that this business has given me to share God's glory with countless people that would otherwise have never heard my story.  My finances have given me perspective. 

Over the weekend I learned that a couple very close to me is getting divorced.  There is no evidence of any tangible reason for this split other than that they are just two people that don't get along.  My heart is broken. How quickly the devil sneaks in and whispers lies that tear people apart.  I ache for this family and the devastation that is coming.  I am reminded of how important it is to love our children, but keep our spouses as our first priority.  I am reminded that the little things become big things when we aren't intentionally loving.  I am reminded of how blessed I am that after 16 years, I still love my husband as much as the day I fell in love with him.  This news has given me perspective.

Last night I saw a posting on Facebook that led me to this blog.  I read Ashley's story about going in for a D & C, and waking up having had an emergency hysterectomy, and now facing chemotherapy for possibly cancerous cells that are attacking her body.  It was a painful reminder of the day that I went in for a laparoscopy, and woke up having had both of my fallopian tubes removed, which meant that I officially could never again get pregnant naturally.  Her husband's side of the story reminded me of my sweet husband, forced to make a decision on his own that would forever effect me.  I am praying that Ashley's body will be fully healed and that the chemotherapy would wipe out anything that is trying to harm her body.  And I am grateful that a very painful part of my life ultimately resulted in Nathan and me opening the door to adoption, which brought us the greatest treasure of all... our Penelope.  Ashley has give me perspective.  

What all of this is reminding me is that every day we have a choiceWe choose the perspective that we are going to use to evaluate the circumstances in our lives.  We all know a person that chooses to live life from the perspective of a victim.  These people choose only to see the negative results of the circumstances that surround their trials.  These people ask questions like "why me?", "what's next?", and "when will God bless me?"  These people are tough to be around.  They miss out on the flowers that grow after the rainstorms.

I want to be a person that chooses a different perspective.  I want to be a person that says, "Naked I came from my mother's womb, and naked I will depart. The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away; may the name of the LORD be praised." {Job1:21}  I want to choose the perspective of finding ways to share God's glory in every season of my life.  That is my perspective today.

What is your perspective?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sacrificial Love

I broke my toe last night.  I have broken toes many times, but I have never really been 100% sure that they were actually broken... until last night.

I stubbed my right pinky toe on the coffee table.  When I looked down at it, I saw what may have been the grossest thing I have ever seen.  My cute little pinky toe was at a 90 degree angle to the rest of my toes. 

I covered my eyes and screamed for Nathan to "fix it... fix it... fix it!!!"  Here's what happened next:

My husband reached down and popped my toe back into place.
I heard a sound and felt a feeling I hope to never hear or see again.
Then I hyperventilated.
Then I started laughing/crying so hard that I snorted several times.
Then Nathan told me I should take a shot of tequila for the pain.
Then I had a glass of wine. {After the shot of tequila.}
Then I got mad at Nathan for not taking a picture before he popped it back into place.
Then I "slept" with a bag of frozen corn taped to my foot.

This morning when I noticed that my foot was swollen to twice its size and bruised halfway up my arch {with only a little exaggeration added for drama}, I decided to go get x-rays.

Turns out that my toe broke in half. 

The doctor was super impressed with Nathan's popping job, because he said it was lined up perfectly.  This only served to encourage my husband's "I'm practically a doctor" stance.

The doctor said that since I didn't want to use crutches {because how does one use crutches with a 6 month old baby???}, I have to wear this hideous shoe for the next 4 to 6 weeks!

I am now gimping all around, trying not to bend my foot, icing and elevating, and just generally a disaster.

But you know what?  {Insert radical shift in tone here.}  I have a heart and lungs that work.  I can survive without the use of my pinky toe, but Sharlie will not survive without a new heart and lungs.

Have you Shopped for Sharlie yet?

I told you last week that my husband and I are going to match the donations of the first 100 people that purchase my Meal Planning Tutorial and Printable.  I heard today that we have sold 69 so far!!!  That is so amazing... I am blown away!  Thank you so much to each and everyone one of you that has purchased it already. 

But I want to sell 100.  That is my goal: to raise $1,000 for Sharlie from this little blog. 

So won't 31 more of you consider buying it???

Our Youth Pastor spoke in "big church" this week on a series called "Livin' Large".  He said something that really hit me.  He said, "Imitate your Father by living a sacrificial love for others."

It made me think about Sharlie, and this whole campaign.  For myself {and I am guessing nearly all of my readers} $5 is not a sacrifice.

It is a skipped trip to Starbucks. 
It is one less bag of chips at the grocery store.
It is one less magazine to read this week.

But it is not a sacrifice.

So now I am going to ask you to do something. 

I'm going to ask you to go buy the $5 printable, but I am also going to ask you to give more

Buy another printable or tutorial from one of my super talented and creative friends.
Buy advertising space for your blog or shop from one of the many blogs that is donating their proceeds.

Or just give.  Give.  As a sacrifice. 
Give to show Sharlie love. 
Give because Christ would give. 
Give because you want to be more like Christ.

And then feel joy, knowing that you were a little more like Christ today.

I would love to hear what you are going to sacrifice this week in order to give a little more.

Now I am going to hobble up to bed, grateful that I have a mostly functioning body.