Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Things that I am Thinking About

This post was inspired by my friend Jessica at Allora Handmade.  Her post today made me giggle.  Jessica recently moved, and today she said, "my mind is still packed in boxes." 

I feel like my mind is being thrown out with the diapers!

So, in the spirit of trying to regain my brain, here's my list of ramblings:

1. I am currently obsessed with Cold Case Files.  There are 2 episodes on a day, and I record them and watch them as soon as I am alone {well, with Penelope}.  They are inappropriate for Beau and Nathan hates those kinds of shows.   But the other night when I got up at 3 o'clock in the morning to feed Penelope and found myself freaking out over the creaks and the shadows, it made me think that it may be time to stop watching shows about serial killers.

2.  I have spent the last two years building a Calendar Empire, and focusing solely on trying to make the best calendars ever.  But with all the time I have had on my hands lately, I have been working on some new products and I am super excited about it.  The creative wheels are turning!!!

3.  I hate spit-up. 

4.  I love sweet baby noises {P is making some now as she sleeps in my arms}.

5.  I am amazingly talented with one hand.  I can now type, load laundry, put on my make-up, and make sandwiches.. all with one hand. 

6.  I am grateful for friends, customers, and blog readers who are understanding of the fact that I have over 800 emails in my inbox that I have not responded to.

7.  No matter how many times a day I "tidy up", my house is always a mess!  Baby paraphernalia is killing me!!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sneak Peek

So I have started working on reinventing Much Ado About You.  If I am going to survive having a baby and running a business, some things are going to have to change. 

Can I tell you how excited I am about the changes that are in store??? 

Here's all I will say for now: more products, new options, exciting additions, and lower prices.

Are you intrigued?  Okay, then I will give you one more tidbit. 

Here is a sneak peek:

Monday, May 23, 2011

I've been planning this for 7 years...

Over the weekend we had a party to celebrate Penelope with some of the friends and family that have helped to carry us through the last seven years. 

It was an amazing day.

Here are some snapshots from the day:

And here are some bonus pics from the weekend, but not from the party:

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Have You Found Pinterest Yet?

Confession time:  I have not finished Indie Business 3.0.  In fact, since we got back from Utah, I have completely forgotten about it!

In all honesty, the only thing that made me think about it today was that I decided to tell you about Pinterest, and I was trying to remember where I heard about Pinterest.  Oh yeah... it was in Indie Biz!

I'm going to have to get back to that someday.

In the meantime, I am obsessed with Pinterest.  If you haven't heard of it yet... sorry.  You are now going to be obsessed with it too.  {Did I mention they just came out with an iPhone Ap???}

Basically, Pinterest is a virtual pinboard.  My favorite part is that the pictures are linked to their source, so if there's a picture of a diy project, for example, you can find the tutorial by clicking on the picture and being taken to the original link.

Oh, and if you link to your Facebook or Twitter account, you will automatically be linked to your friends boards.

This is me "pinning":

Notice the adorable feet in my lap?

Here's what one of my boards looks like {from the iPhone ap}:

Now, there's one catch... you can search Pinterest and peruse boards as much as you like, but to create your own you have to have an account.  And to have an account, you have to be invited to join.  I haven't done any inviting yet, so I'm not sure if there is a limit, but if you want to be invited give me your email address and I will try to get you in!

Happy pinning!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


I just have to say how touched I am that some of my customers have had desperate responses to my decision to close up shop until August.  It means a lot to me that you all love your calendars so much so that you can't imagine life without one!

If you are a customer whose calendar will end some time between now and August, please email me.

I have a proposition to get you through until we re-open shop.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Big Changes, Big Decisions

It's so hard to believe that Penelope is one month old.

These past four weeks have been full of images that I never thought I would see around my house again.

I realized yesterday that I am not willing to give up any of the precious moments with this baby girl that I have waited seven long years to cherish.

So I have made a very big decision, and I am so giddy about it that I know it is the right choice.

Much Ado About You will remain closed until August 2011 

From here on out, our shop will be open each year from August through February, closing each spring and summer for a little R & R and to spend some time designing and developing new products.  

We are working on a plan to accommodate our valued clients whose calendars will expire during the months that our shop is closed, and we will be contacting those people in the coming days. 

Thank you so much for your continued support!!!  I am so thankful to have a business that allows me the opportunity to enjoy my family!