Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Things that I am Thinking About

This post was inspired by my friend Jessica at Allora Handmade.  Her post today made me giggle.  Jessica recently moved, and today she said, "my mind is still packed in boxes." 

I feel like my mind is being thrown out with the diapers!

So, in the spirit of trying to regain my brain, here's my list of ramblings:

1. I am currently obsessed with Cold Case Files.  There are 2 episodes on a day, and I record them and watch them as soon as I am alone {well, with Penelope}.  They are inappropriate for Beau and Nathan hates those kinds of shows.   But the other night when I got up at 3 o'clock in the morning to feed Penelope and found myself freaking out over the creaks and the shadows, it made me think that it may be time to stop watching shows about serial killers.

2.  I have spent the last two years building a Calendar Empire, and focusing solely on trying to make the best calendars ever.  But with all the time I have had on my hands lately, I have been working on some new products and I am super excited about it.  The creative wheels are turning!!!

3.  I hate spit-up. 

4.  I love sweet baby noises {P is making some now as she sleeps in my arms}.

5.  I am amazingly talented with one hand.  I can now type, load laundry, put on my make-up, and make sandwiches.. all with one hand. 

6.  I am grateful for friends, customers, and blog readers who are understanding of the fact that I have over 800 emails in my inbox that I have not responded to.

7.  No matter how many times a day I "tidy up", my house is always a mess!  Baby paraphernalia is killing me!!!


  1. #3,4,5 & 7 are me right now!!! we should start chatting during 3am feedings ;)

  2. Hi Emmy!
    As I am typing this, my almost four month old is snoozed out next to me! Ha! I totally get you on those 3am feeds. Between you, Autumn, and me {I?} we could have a Twitter party at 3am.
    Anywhoo...I'm totally loving your blog, especially the "You are the Boss" posts. I'm in the very beginning stages of starting my own business and I think the BEST advice you gave was to "be concentrated". I so needed to hear that because I was seriously stressing about not having enough variety....
    sorry to write you a book, but anyways.
    Hope Penelope is doing well and I look forward to ordering a calendar when your shop is once again open :-)

    Oh, and here's my site too....kpetrelladesigns.bigcartel.com

  3. Oh I'm convinced my house will never be clean again. It's like the kids are working against me! Can't wait to see what your creative wheels are producing ;)