{Our Adoption Story}

Last year our family adopted a baby girl after walking the long and painful journey of secondary infertility for over seven years.

This is our story:

The Blakely's Road to Adoption

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner


A Letter

Things I Haven't Needed in a While

And Baby Makes 4

Penelope Susan Blakely


The Rest of the Story...


  1. I really enjoyed your story and so happy for your family. It was very heartwarming to read on my way to work this morning :) Bernadette

  2. Wow... I stumbled onto your blog from Pinterest, and glanced at your beautiful family photo, and thought, "wow, that little boy looks a lot like Beau". Had to do a little investigating here to find out I was right! I was Beau's Music teacher at school last year :) I teach about 1,500 students each year between multiple sites, but I knew his face and name instantly because of what a joy it was to have him in my class. Thank you for sharing your story. How wonderful to hear how God has blessed your family, and refined you in the process! Hopefully I will see your sweet daughter in my Music class not too long from now. :) -Carly Hancock

    1. Thank you so much for leaving a comment! Beau loved having you as his teacher! He always says that you are his favorite. Thank you for all you do for our kids!!!