Monday, January 24, 2011

Things I Haven't Needed in a While

Last week I finally sent all of my paperwork off to the Adoption Agency.  Whew!

As I walked the box out to my doorstep for the Postman to pick up I felt like I was at the top of a roller coaster.  You know... that part where you have finished the big, tedious, slow climb up the hill, and you are paused just for a moment looking at the giant adrenaline rush that is coming your way.  That's what it felt like.

This baby is coming soon.  I feel it.  Which made me start to think about all the things that are going to change in my life.

And all the baby items that I need to purchase.

It has been a long time since we have needed a carseat, or a stroller, or a diaper bag, or a Pack 'n Play, or bottles... or anything infant related... in this house.

So, first things first, I figure we need a carseat and a stroller.  That's where you all come in.  I know that many of you have had babies more recently than I have, so I need your advice.  I need you to tell me what brands you use, what you love about them, what you hate about them, and if you would buy them again.

The first time we bought a stroller, we bought the most expensive one on the market, thinking it must be the best... right?  Wrong.  I hated that stroller.  It broke within the first few weeks of using it.  It had a very small basket.  It took way too many hands to collapse.  It kind of sucked.

All my friends on Facebook are suggesting the Bugaboo.  Before I go and spend enough money to feed a small country for a week, I'm gonna have to be convinced that nothing comes close to this thing.  So who has it?  Is it worth it?  Could you live without it???

And any great carseat suggestions?  We had a Britax carseat for Beau and I loved it!  The Velcro that held the straps open was a stroke of genius, as far as I am concerned!

Okay, so that covers the two essentials.  Now let's talk about the fun stuff.  A diaper bag.

The last time I had a baby, there was no such thing as a designer diaper bag.  Or maybe I was just too young and poor to know anything about that.  But seriously, I don't think Petunia Pickle Bottom existed.  I remember when my sister had her first baby, I was so excited to buy her a PPB bag... to live vicariously through her baby style.  When Beau was a baby I had a black vinyl backpack diaper bag from Babies 'R Us that I got for $30.

Last night I was introduced to this:

{I thank you Heather... but I'm not sure my husband will.}

Are you kidding me???  THIS is a diaper bag?  I think I must have it.

Do any of you have it?  Is it as functional as it is fabulous???  I need to know people.  If you or anyone you know has this bag... please tell me everything you know about it.  Now.


  1. it sounds like you need a baby shower!!!! :)

  2. o ya, and a few of my favorite they seem to have a lot of what i wanted all in one place...a good place to explore and compare, aiden and anias- LOVE LOVE their swaddling blankets!!!!! my sister n law has the phil and teds stroller w the additional seat, it seems really easy to use and pretty durable! she also has the "metoo" seat from phil and teds. it's a take along seat that attaches to any table top. it folds flat!!!! great for restaurants!!!
    i also loved the hotslings sling for tiny babies and the mei tai carrier for all kinds of ages!! and some of these designers we found on for much less, like the mei tai and aden and anias, i found for almost half the prices!!
    good luck!!

  3. we are expecting a bundle also ( and 8 years gap since the last one I had)

    Pram wise we have decided to go with the strider for a few reasons. It has a capsule that comes off the pram and goes straight in the car, so baby doesnt have to come out of the seat if its asleep.
    Its sturdy. Its not hard to put down. ( we asked people using theirs in the shopping centre all about it- Im sure they thought we were mad)
    You can get the extra seat for the bottom, which even if you do take the capsule off, the other child can sit at the bottom and not tip the pram.
    And we like the wheels.

  4. check out bumbleride strollers. i have one and i LOVE it. They're kinda hard to find, but the company is local (san diego) and they make really great strollers!

    We travel a lot and have therefore tried a LOT of car seats (for bigger ones...we use a graco snap n go for littles). NOTHING compares to a Britax. Roundabout, doesn't matter. But the brand is SO GOOD.

    ...and what IS that bag? It looks fabulous indeed! I have a PPB and I loved it. But it's not so practical. They get dirty..then have to be dry cleaned. And don't have as many pockets as you want. But they are SO stinkin cute. So, I still use mine sometimes just because I love it. But the practical cheap one I like goes with me most when I am going to the park, disneyland, etc (anywhere I might put it down and get it dirty).

  5. Um, that diaper bag is AWESOME! You must have it (sorry, Nathan!).

  6. You are welcome!! And you *need* an awesome baby shower! XO!

  7. I have been shopping for a stroller ever since I found out I was pregnant and here are a few of my criteria...
    1. My husband has to be comfortable pushing it. After all it's his baby too
    2. Versatile... I need it to work from newborn to toddler
    3. Stylish...Sorry the superficial side of me is still a part of me. I figure with all the options this should be easy
    4. Large Basket... I am not a small purse girl, I always carry a medium to preferably a way too large purse.
    5. Easy to fold and maneuver... I am a girl on the go
    So now here are my favorites so far and their issues:
    1. Uppababy- cute colors, stylish, versatile... comes with bassinet, toddler seat and you can also clip a baby seat directly to frame, Mikey liked it, HUGE basket, pretty easy to push, moderatly easy to fold (have to remove bassinet first if using it), pricing is on the higher side ($700 and up... But this includes everything). Also you can by a separate bassinet stand for the house which later converts to a laundry sorter... Very Versatile
    2. Bumbleride... Super Cute, my sister has it and loves it, easy to fold, about $500, Mikey thought it was OK
    3. BOB... Super Sporty not Super Stylish (I hate all of the colors except orange and black), SUPER easy to manuvere, SUPER easy to fold (I can do it with one hand), Less than $400, tiny basket (unless they change this feature it's a no go for me). We may by this later as she gets older for running since they have it at REI and my husband gets discounts and rewards.
    So I guess as of today I'm leaning towards Uppababy

  8. Well you are speaking some topics that are near and dear to my heart =)

    1) Stroller - bought a cheapy travel system with my first. Same as you HATED IT! JUST bought myself the Uppababy Vista which so far is AMAZING with you can add another you can add one of those kickboard things for an older kid to ride on. Figured I could use it for 3 kids, what could be better right?!? So far, loving everything about it. But I'm still waiting on my little Ethiopian princess =) Can I live without it? Sure...but I LOVE IT and sure as heck don't wanna! =)

    2) Carseat - carseat came with my travel system and I'm not a huge fan of that either. That being said, its FINE so I'll hold onto it unless I (fingers crossed) hear of a recall or get it from my registry. (Read: most likely I'm stickin' it out for #2)

    3) PPB is a MUST! LOVE the diaper bag, think its amazing, held up AWESOME...been 2 years and it still looks pretty darn good for every single day use. Just picked out my new one with some PINK in it this time =) However the fancy cake society one you have pictured is not only a little over my price range (in all reality so is the boxy backpack...but I'm making my budget work for it ;) and not a NECESSITY, but it IS beautiful!!!