Monday, January 10, 2011

Boxes and Messes and Moving... oh my!

Remind me never to move again.  The next time I move, I want it to be to my mansion in the sky.

Okay, so I realize that it has been almost a month since my last posting... is anybody still out there???  Hello?  {hello... hello... hello... I hear the echo.}

This last month and a half was quite possibly the most overwhelming of my life.  I am beyond tired.

I realized during a late-night breakdown with my mommy {yes, I still need my mommy at 33} why I might possibly feel overwhelmed.

Here's the thing: 

Experiencing the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season {buying gifts, decorating the house, shipping, wrapping, stuffing...} feels overwhelming.

Moving {packing, organizing, purging, unpacking, unpacking, unpacking, re-organizing} feels overwhelming.  {Moving in the rainiest season Southern California has seen in a long time... doubly overwhelming.}

Running a business, and surviving the busy season {filling, tracking, and shipping orders, keeping up with supplies, payroll, and emails, having the highest grossing sales month of all-time} feels overwhelming.

Trying to coordinate an Adoption {finishing paperwork, making a scrapbook, preparing the baby's room} feels overwhelming.

Any one of these things could cause a person to have a bit of a breakdown.
This last month, I have tried to do all four.

This is why you have not heard from me.  

But some sweet friends {thanks Leslie and Lisa} encouraged me this week that they actually missed my frantic ramblings, and I promised to get back on here.  So here I am.  Prepare yourself to hear a bit of grumbling about moving, some excitement about the fact that I am finally almost done with my adoption scrapbook {well, I started it... yay!}, and some random musings about my crazy life.  Oh... and some raving about Francine Rivers and how I wish I could just sit in my new leopard chaise lounge {more about that later} and read her books all day long.

If you are still here... thank you.  I appreciate your patience with me.  Truly.


  1. ahhh ... the leopard chaise ...
    and speaking of rain ... we were digging our pool during the LAST huge rainy season ... remember i think it was 5 years ago? we watched as our dirt hole in the ground filled with water, the side walls caved in, the project got more expensive and my pool became shallower ... mwah, mwah, mwahhhhhh ...
    glad you're back!

  2. Good to gave you back!! :)

  3. Love you! You stared the scrapbook?!? Hooray!!

  4. good to hear from you again!!! can't wait to hear about your new adventures!! :)
    love from Kansas!!!

  5. SO glad your back friend!!

  6. I've missed your "ramblings." Must see picture of this chaise.