Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Help Us Help you

Last night I had the first moment of rest that I have had in a long time.
So since my mind is never at rest, I decided to use it to start brainstorming about improving my business in 2011.

Which brings me to the point of this short-but-sweet posting.

For those of you that own a Much Ado About You calendar, I would love to hear your thoughts about using it.

How functional is it for you?
What do you love about it?
What could use improvement?
{Please answer lovingly, but honestly so I don't have to cry myself to sleep.}
Is there anything you would like to see changed about the layout?
Is there anything else you would love to see included?
Would you just like to gush about how perfectly perfect it is???

Let's hear it.  I'm ready.

I made my first calendar because I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for in a layout, so I really desire to make it the best planner on the market.  I really do value your input.


  1. I have not told you yet that I did get mine!! BIG HUGE THANK YOU!! I LOVE it! I have never used one before and am liking writing things down. For as long as I can remember I have kept a journal and wrote everything down, after my 5th I had no time. So I am liking this! And LOVE everything about it.

  2. I LOVE my planner!

    After using it for awhile I have noticed that I don't use the weekly pages like they were intended. Instead, I make lists of things that need to be done, grocery lists, blog ideas, etc. On the monthly pages I keep my work schedule, appointments, meetings, etc.

    This has worked best for me personally.

  3. I am trying to come up with something to change about mine...but the truth is that I JUST LOVE IT!!! It is the perfect size...I get compliments on it ALL THE TIME!

    I wish there was a way to have shopping/to do lists on the weekly pages, but I just dont see where there would be room unless the hours of the day were fewer, which maybe they could be (?)

    But that (above) is being VERY picky. Because I just love mine. I will be ordering another one when the year comes to an end.

  4. I LOVE my planner... and I get compliments on it all the time. I love how cute the paper is and I love that I have a picture on the cover. The big change I would love to see would be to have a smaller monthly option. I don't really use the weekly pages but I use the monthly pages all the time. I would love a planner (maybe journal sized) that just has the months and then the "extra" pages like normal. I also really love the pocket and bookmark. I used to use the little 3x6 planners that you can stick in your purse... but they are a tad too small and so boring. A super cute, slightly larger option would be amazing!

  5. I adore mine! I've been using it solely for my personal calendar I have a seprate calendar for my blogging and for my business. I would love to somehow combine at least my business and home, although, I'm not sure how I'd do that, it's a lot of info for one calendar - guess I need to get myself a second one!

    I've found that I'm also using the weekly pages for lists I personally prefer a 1 page per day format so I have room for daily notes, hourly appointments and a to-do list.

    The only other thing I would change is the paper. I'd love a more matte finish paper - not a satin finish like the pages are (they must be laser print paper maybe?) The first thing that I noticed when opening my calendar was that the pages were thin, I could see the print through the reverse side. This may just be my issue, I worked for a paper manufacturer in their samples department for years so I'm a fellow paper freak. The paper issue might not be a problem for others but I do think it would be a nice upgrade.

    Did I mention I LOVE MY CALENDAR! LOVE IT! I do!!

  6. I LOVE my calendar!!! This MAY sound a little crazy...but I try to find excuses to write something in it in public JUST so I can pull it out and hear some compliments on it! I love how easy it is to flip month to month and all the space to write! My only things that would make my day is some extra note paper in the back (I always need a place to jot down doctor's notes, or phone messages, ect) and a buckle, or snap...or someway to hold it closed. I'm trying to be super careful, but sometimes my purse gets a little over loaded and diapers get shoved between the pages. =) Of course, I MAY be able to fix that by carrying a diaper bag AND a purse....but my back is breaking holding my two-year-old...I'm not about to add ANOTHER bag to my load =)

  7. I love my calendar SO much! So beautiful and I love to customize my events. I would like a kangaroo type pocket or clear pouch at the front for the items I need to see to remember to take action. I usually clip them to the month page, but then they are in the way. The envelope at the back is great for things that are a couple months out. If I can't see it, I tend to forget it. I too would like a clasp. Thanks again for such a great planner! It really is pretty much perfect.

  8. I love your planners!! I saw this and it made me smile bc I had written this post to post today on my blog: Couldn't live wihtout my planner.

  9. the only thing I would change is the size.. but that's b/c i thought i would like the big one, but i think i like the small one better. but anyway... ummm... what about a folder type pocket for papers (instead of the large envie in the back). otherwise, I love everything!!!! like others, I try to whip it out in public just so people would compliment it!!

    also, the samples you sent... can you email me?? jladewski at hotmail dot com. thanks!

  10. I love love love my planner and all your amazingly cute products! My favorite thing about it are the times listed each day. I love being able to see everything in front of me. I also LOVE the personalization you did for me. It is definitely something I show off to all my friends. I will be purchasing more in the future! There are a couple things I would like to change but I say all these lovingly :) I wish the front cover was laminated all the way around for protection. I also wish the monthly tabs were laminated. They have been used and are already getting a little bit worn. One other thing I would love to see is a "TO DO" list on the weekly layouts. I like the boxes at the bottom of each day but wish I could have just one list that I could cross things off as I do them. Other than those minor things, I am completely obsessed with my planner. Thank you for being so fun and creative. I wish I could work for you on the east coast!!

  11. my planner. I write lists on mine on the weekly days towards the bottom. This calendar is perfectly perfect! I'm still waiting for a cookbook...tee hee....

  12. This is my first calendar from you and I LOVE it! It is so cute, and I love the bold, simple layout. Only changes I would suggest would echo Meghan's comment from above...the lamination of the entire cover. I'm always worried my cover is going to get dirty or tear, and it's too cute to have either of those things happen! I like the "list" suggestions other people are making too...sounds like we're all control freaks and list makers! I guess our {flawed?} personality quarks keep you in business?! That's a plus = ) I plan on buying another planner next year!