Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thoughts from MAAY Customers

The other day I got an order for a journal.  The woman ordering it, was getting it for her niece to use as a prayer journal.  I thought that was such a lovely idea.  But even more lovely was the note that she asked me to include in the package.  It said:

"Use this journal to write down the things that inspire you and the countless ways God has blessed you.  As you continue to grow as a woman, remember there is no Testimony without the Test."

I am tearing up again just thinking about how true those words are.  

I am thankful for the trials that I have experienced in my life, because they have given me the opportunity to share God's glorious faithfulness with others. 

On that note... I have some {big news} to share soon.  It's probably not what you think.

Stay tuned.