Tuesday, March 8, 2011

No. 17 Cherry Tree Lane

In case you hadn't noticed from my shop... I like retro.  So when I first saw this blog, and this shop, and read this:

My name is Rachel and I’m a 1950’s housewife, stuck in 2010. I'm married to my high school sweetheart, Sean. I stay at home with my daughter Kensington. Together, we bake cookies, wander garage sales, color with crayons, eat spaghetti, twirl to records and give hugs.

It's a good life.

Oh, and we watch Mary Poppins. A lot.
I knew that I liked Rachel.  A lot.

I also think that my hubby would like her hubby because he apparently does stuff like this:

which would make Nathan's heart skip a beat.  He loves vacuum lines in carpet.  I don't do that for him.  Maybe I will for his next birthday.

Anyway, today I would like to introduce you to Rachel of  
Number 17 Cherry Tree Lane

Rachel has a great blog with fantastic snippits like this one from just last week, and this one here that is one of my favorites. 

She also has a shop where she sells adorable vintage treasures that she collects while wandering those garages sales. 

Like this:

and these:

and this to-die for little number:

Rachel doesn't live that far away from me, so I am hoping that we will get to make a real-life connection someday soon.

Go spend some time on her blog and you will want to be her friend too.

Then come back here and gush about how amazing her style is.


  1. Love it! And I love the name, I am a HUGE Mary Poppins fan and I hope my daughter will be too!

  2. i love her coffee post... i thought i was the only mom in O.C. nominated for the "worst mom award"!!!

  3. Oh wow, not sure anyone in my family could even find the vacuum let alone lay down lines like that!

  4. LOVE Rachel, love her style, and love her blog!

  5. I love Rachel's Blog. I found her through my cousin heather's Blog. Love her obsession with coffee mugs and her absolute love of her family and wanting what God wants for their lives.

  6. Knew I'd love her blog just by the title. I read every book in the Mary Poppins series when I was in fifth grade, so I recognized the address immediately! Now, if I can just figure out how to subscribe, I'll be happy! :) Emo, help me!!!