Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hair {Yes, I am Posting about Hair Again}

Why is it that you can be going along with a hairdo that you like, day after day, and then all of a sudden it stops working.  That is how it always goes with my hair.  I like it.  I like it.  I like it.  Poof!  I hate it.

Or, your color is fine.  It's fine.  It's fine.  Poof!  You have inch long roots!

The last several days my hair has not come out of the ponytail holder.
It's time for a haircut.

So, what do you think?

There's the messy bob:

Source: google.com via Emmy on Pinterest

The random super long front piece bob:

The heavy bang bob:

The Paris:

The side part bob:

Or, the if i could just have her eyes to go with it bob:

Are you sensing a theme?  I'm thinking a bob.  I love bobs.


  1. So, what did you go with? :D

  2. I just got a funky bob and I love it. Made it to shoulder length, two instant weeks of pony tails and it's time for a change! Any of them are an excellent choice.

  3. i like the paris hilton one. its cute.