Monday, September 26, 2011

Become a Sharlie's Angel

Good morning dear blog friends.

This morning, I am feeling inspired and blessed after an amazing day at Blog Sugar yesterday. I had a wonderful time seeing old friends, meeting some friends face-to-face for the first time, and making some new friends.  And I am reminded that even though some people don't understand it... my bloggy friends are real friends.  The relationships that I have built in this crazy blog world are real and important to me, and I value each and every one of you!

One of the panels I attended was run by Julie of Joy's Hope and Jeanett of Life Rearranged, and they reminded us all that whether we have 5 readers or 5,000, we have a captive audience that is actually listening to what we say, and that we should be using that platform to do good and share Christ.

So today I am so excited that you amazing people have come to read my blog, and I hope that you will allow me to share an incredible opportunity to do good.

My dear friend Jessica of Allora Handmade asked me to join her and an amazing group of women to help her best friend that is fighting a battle for her life.  Here's a little bit of what Jessica would like you to know:

Sharlie is a wife and mom.
She loves to read.
She loves to laugh.
She has an infectious smile.
And the best hugs on the planet.
Sharlie is also awaiting a double lung AND heart transplant.
She is an inspiration.
A fighter.
A miracle.

Please go read Jessica's post to hear the whole story... as Jessica said, Sharlie has Cystic Fibrosis, and is awaiting a double lung and heart transplant.  She is a woman that has beaten the odds, and then some.  But she has a 4 year old son that needs her to come home.

Sharlie's family needs to raise about $250,000 to cover her medical bills.  That seems daunting, I know.  But if you break that down... If every person donated just $5, then it would take 50,000 donations.  If every person that blogs about this fundraiser has 500-1000 readers, then only 50-100 bloggers would need to get their readers involved.  That is totally do-able.

Let's do this!

Jessica has put together a shop full of goodies including some awesome tutorials and printables {all of which cost just $5} from some amazing women, and I am so humbled that she asked me to be a part. The best part is that 100% of the proceeds are going directly to Sharlie's family.

Please check out the shop, and check out my Meal Planning Made Easy tutorial and printables and tell me what you think!

My husband and I have been touched by this story and have decided that we would like to do a little extra.  So for the first 100 of you that go and purchase my tutorial, we will match your donation!  Please come back here and comment to let me know that you purchased it.  I just know that we can do this!

Let's be one of the blogs that raises over $1,000!!!


  1. What an inspiring woman! I just purchased the meal planner tutorial and can't wait to use it! So wonderful that you are your husband are getting involved. My husband's cousin is 6 with CF and we are always looking for ways to contribute to individuals with CF.

  2. I just purchased your "meal planner" PDF's! Super cute! Our family's two favorite causes to support are Cystic Fibrosis and Orphans in Uganda! Thanks for getting involved!

  3. I just purchased the meal planner. I already plan my meals weekly, but couldn't pass up your cute PDFs for such a great cause! :-)

  4. I just purchased your Meal Planner!!! I'm excited! Happy to be a part of this too!

  5. WOW! Read this story and just couldn't help but buy something. Bought your PDF's...AMAZING what you and your hubby are doing. Truly amazing!

  6. I just purchased your meal planner and excited to receive it. What a fabulous, simple idea to raise $ for such an inspirational woman. Keep us updated please :) thanks Emmy.

  7. just bought your tutorial. happy to be a part.