Friday, September 16, 2011

I Have a Nemesis

I have a Nemesis.

She doesn't know she's my Nemesis.  In fact, she probably doesn't even know who I am.

But she is my Nemesis.

She makes planners.  She started out her business doing invitations and announcements {just like I did}.  But a few months after I started my calendar business, she introduced a line of planners.  Don't get me wrong... I am NOT insinuating that she copied me.  I guarantee that at that point {and, like I said, probably still} she had no idea who I was.  It was just an unfortunate coincidence.

She is a much bigger deal than I am.  She has a real office, and big giant printers the size of cars.  She has a beautiful website and great products. 

I want those things.  So she is my Nemesis.

One of my employees is on her mailing list, and every time she comes out with something new and great my friend forwards me the email and I say, "Curse you, {insert Nemesis name here}."

It seems like I am constantly bombarded with her name.  Yesterday, a bloggy friend of mine posted about her fabulous new planner that she just purchased from my Nemesis.  It made me sad.  Doesn't she know about my fabulous planners???

A few weeks ago I got an email from a customer telling me how excited she was about finding my plannesr, and how they are so much better than the ones my Nemesis makes {and she didn't even know that she was talking about my Nemesis}.  It made my day.

I think I will frame it and put it in my office.

I realize that the heart of this matter is that I am jealous of a person that has already reached a level of success that I aspire to.  I know I should not be coveting her business.  I know that God has blessed my business, and will continue to bless it, and that maybe someday I too will have a real office and a giant printer the size of my car. 

But in the meantime, I will just continue to refer to her as my Nemesis.  Like Dr. Doofenshmirtz does with Perry the Platypus.


  1. In my experience with small business, that which can be easily gained can be just as easily loss...but a slow, steady gain is one that can last. It also seems that people grow with their businesses--as an owner, boss AND a person. Rushing that development causes both entities to lose.

    I say be jealous (I mean, who wouldn't be?), but let it be your driving force, pushing you to keep better and better, forcing you to stretch to that level you aspire! You'll get there with dreams, focus, and faith=)

  2. I feel the same way you do sometimes. If you made jewelry, you might be my nemesis :) I read that post yesterday and have heard "her" name around.

    When I was thinking of getting my planner for next year, I looked at "her" stuff, did some research, thought what was best for me...

    and I came back to you!

    I adore my planner. I get so many compliments. People ask me if I made it and I say "I wish, but this amazing bloggy friend of mine should check out her website."

    I ordered my 2012 planner from you and cannot wait to get it. I think you and your planners are perfect!

  3. Oh Emmy, i have no idea who 'she' is but your planners are gorgeous. hope you get so much biz that you don't have time to even think about your nemesis :)

  4. Is it sad that I started singing the song to Phineas and Pherb when I read that?

  5. IDK who's planners could be nearly as cute as yours. I don't think that exists.

  6. I have been in your exact same shoes and it STINKS. I ADORE your planners, so your nemesis will not be receiving my business!


  7. I know that I'm saving up for my 2012 planner that I'll purchase on Much Ado About You's etsy site... and NOT that other gals (whoever she is).

    You have beautiful planners. I'm so excited for when it's finally my time to purchase one.

    Keep up the great work Emmy!!

  8. I know your nemesis. I know which bloggy post you are talking about. And all I can tell you is that I LOVE your planners!

    When your new line came out, I contemplated your nemesis. Only because your planners no longer had photos. I hemmed. I hawed. I contemplated which one to buy for days because I love your planners but I wanted photos. But your planners will always win me over. See your nemesis' planners don't have...a hourly layout and pre-printed my events! And as an added bonus...when I ordered my calendar this year, I didn't have to fill out "my events" all over again because you had my file. I was a happy, happy girl!

    So keep it up Emmy because you are one talented lady!!!!!!

  9. Emmy! You know that I've tried both and I would buy your planners over and over again (and I plan to for gifts!)
    There are too many practical features to yours. It works! And works beautifully!
    The other one, just did't work for me. Yeah there are colorful pages, but color doesn't matter if it's not well designed.
    You've got an amazing product and a great heart. Don't compare yourself to someone else's situation. God has placed you in a beautiful spot of blessing and He will continue to bless your business.
    Thanks for being such a paper freak!