Thursday, July 26, 2012

Not a Poster Child

Have you ever heard the phrase, "The cobbler's kids have no shoes."?

The essence of this phrase is that sometimes a professional is so busy caring for their clients and their business that they neglect using their skill to help their own family.

My friend Brooke's husband used to have a side business helping people with their computer woes.  Brooke didn't have a working printer in her house for years.

A friend that I grew up with had a mom that was a practicing Family Therapist while her own marriage was crumbling to an affair that ended up tearing their family apart.

I sell Day Planners.  A place to write down when you have an appointment with your Aesthetician, when you told a friend you would meet her for coffee, when your son has a dental appointment, or when your very good friends are having their son's birthday party {there is even a pocket folder to hold the invite to said birthday party}.

Yeah.  I mention these particular examples because I have missed every single one of them in the last week.  Did I mention I sell Day Planners?  Organizers.  Calendars.  SCHEDULE KEEPERS for the love of Pete!

Oh... look at that.  I just realized that I also missed my friend Nicole's birthday.  And I even texted with her that day about missing the birthday party!  Good grief.

Good thing my customers don't judge my products based on their ability to keep my life in order.  I'd definitely be out of business.


  1. Yes, the photographer's children also have no pictures. Not good ones that their talented Daddy takes anyway. Just bad ones from Mommy's phone.

    You know you're going to get all kinds of "that's why I use my phone for my calendar" comments. Haters. ;)

  2. this is confessions, so... yes i went for years of never sending birthday cards in the mail - just phone calls. REALLY?!! then it dawned on me - hello! i was so busy making cards for everyone under the sun and my shop how could i have time to make birthday cards - oh duh! so i fixed it. and i love that you share this. i am planner/calendar disabled *snickers* but seriously, i really am. i insist on having a wall calendar, a fridge cal, my iphone ical, my computer ical, and my lovely much ado about you calendar - the problem is synchronizing all of them. i miss events! i love writing it down i do better that way - ical just looks like a bunch of garble all together to me so i don't see events but they are synchronized. so now you see my problem. maybe i need to blog this or you and i need to get together and have a serious talk where you straighten me out.

    love and hugs.

  3. The addition of the pocket folder is a great touch to the day planners. It really is a creative part where you could just insert important memos, papers or invitations.