Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It's Time

Today on my business blog I am announcing that I am taking a break from my business.

I'm sure this will not shock any of my regular readers. 

I am tired. 

I miss my friends and family.

I want my life back. 

The bottom line is that I have spent the last four years building this business. I have sacrificed time with my family and friends, a clean house, folded laundry, and my sanity for the sake of this business.  

I love my business, but I love my family more.  My whole life I knew that when I grew up I was going to be a Stay at Home Mom. It was what Nathan and I had always planned for our family. But being a Work at Home Mom is nothing like being a Stay at Home Mom.  And I just remembered that I want to be a Stay at Home Mom.  

I also am very much looking forward to the Choose Joy event that I am putting together, and I want to be able to give it my full attention this fall.

It's hard to walk away from a growing, successful business.  Very hard.  But I definitely feel God calling me out at this time.

So thank you so much for all your support and encouragement these last few years. I am excited to have more time to spend here with you in the coming months!


  1. Amen way to stand up for what's most important... God led you in this direction he has a plan and he will carry you through...god bless you and your adorable family! XoXo

  2. I have walked this road and could have written this exact post. If you feel God tugging, you're doing the right thing! I can't wait to see what God does in your life in the years to come. There are many great things in store. So happy you're taking time to enjoy this precious season. XO

  3. Love your heart so much right now, I have half a mind to pick up some pumpkin spice lattes and drive down to hug you! So blessed when I see women after God's own heart and not only seeking but heading his will! So proud of you and can't imagine how difficult this was. Sending you a big Cyber hug and can't wait to hang out more, because that is happening, us hanging out that is!

  4. You made a decision that 20 years from now you will be so thankful for! "While our minds are not on the things which are seen, but on the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are for a time; but the things which are not seen are eternal." 2 Cor 4:18

  5. I'm so proud of you for making this hard decision! Cheering for you and in your corner praying as you transition!

  6. As sad as this makes me, I know that it definitely is God leading you in another direction with your new project. I am just glad that I was able to enjoy MAAY planners for the last 3 years. I'll do my freak out next August ;) I am looking forward to see God move through you with the Choose Joy event and beyond. I pray that you touch many through this and that it grows into something special. I believe God has been speaking to you for some time and admire the way you are listening. I need to listen more :)

  7. Good for you! Family first. I will miss your planners. The quality is just wonderful, but I totally understand. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent!

  8. I just found your blog through Instagram! I can't tell you what an encouragement it is to see someone stepping back, taking stock, and choosing to do things differently. I have wrested around about starting a business myself, or even continuing to blog, and your courage and faithfulness has really inspired me.

    I wish you the best!