Sunday, August 19, 2012

Impossibly Possible

Last week was rough. One of the roughest I've had in a while.

I'm overwhelmed.

I'm tired.

I'm weary.

{It didn't help that I saw The Odd Life of Timothy Green. If you have ever experienced infertility, DON'T see this movie in a theater. My emotional outburst was embarrassing.}

It's no secret on this blog that I have had many moments of doubt with my business. I love what I do, but it is hard. Sometimes it is too hard.

Lately I have been feeling like nothing in my life is getting 100%. My house is a constant disaster. Laundry is never put away. I haven't done anything fun with my kids this summer. I'm way overdue on goals I had for the Choose Joy event. And my to do list is never even close to done.

I am a person that likes to be busy, and is not easily overwhelmed, but this season of my life is testing that.

This morning at church we sang a worship song with a line that says, "Nothing is impossible with God, He holds my world in His hands."

As happens often to me with the worship at our church, this song spoke straight to my heart. I pray for and about my business often. From day one I have placed this business in God's hands, and I have confidently followed when I have felt Him leading. He has blessed my business far beyond what I could have asked for, and He has confirmed for me time and time again that He has me right here for a reason.

In this season I've been feeling like peace is impossible, but this morning my sweet Lord reminded me that nothing is impossible for Him. So once again, I am placing my business in His tender, loving hands and asking for His wisdom. And the good news for me is that this is not my first rodeo with Lord. When you have walked with the Lord for a while, you have the advantage of having seen His faithfulness along the way. I am trusting that God will reveal His will for Much Ado About You, and give me the strength to follow that will.

I said the other day, it would be so much easier to quit my business if it was failing, but to walk away simply because I can't keep up with its success would be so difficult.

But here it is... I'm saying this out loud so that you can all hold me accountable: if the Lord asks me to walk away, I'm ready.

I trust Him.

I want peace.

So I'm ready.

But I'm also ready to suck it up, take a deep breath, and push past this rough season if this is where the Lord wants me, because I know that the peace that feels impossible is possible with Him.

Are you in a rough season? Are you overextended and feeling like you have nothing left to give? Are you just tired? Will you do something for me??? Will you join me and trust God to be faithful in your life too? Let's walk this road together and be encouraged by each other's sweet victories as the Lord brings us our impossible peace. And remember that if it seems impossible, that is the best time for God to reveal Himself in our lives.


  1. I am just starting my business and I'm a little overwhelmed with all of the things I "need" to do. I'm trying to do as much of the "business stuff" I can before I "officially" open. I, too, am giving my business to God and pray for you and me that He will continue to be faithful.

    Bless you!!

  2. What timing. While you are busy with the pursuit of your dream and balancing it out with the demands of life, I feel like I cannot define my dreams so I stay busy doing stuff...not a lot of which is soul satisfying. It is, on the other hand, draining and not always what I feel I was created to do. Don't get me wrong, it is provision that allows me to stay home with my boy. I was able to be the mom who got my older kids off the bus and I am privileged to get to do that now. But I have this creative thing in me that longs to get out, that longs to express itself and the demands of the day snuff my creative juices and rob me of time. I keep two little boys at my home. And I adore them ~ I also feel like my role is as a mentor tho their mommys. (I am 50 and they are much younger.) But at the end of the day, I take my little guy to his after school activities and do homework and prepare meals, etc and there is no time to explore anything else. I know God has a plan for all this but I don't see it right now. In addition, I am caring for my mother too. I am not sure what I thought 50 would be but this is not it. I want to be obedient more than I want my way but walking blindly is tough. Praying for you and the commenters above.

  3. Emmy, I have never met you yet I can tell that I'm going to enjoy reading your blog. I share your convictions about the joy of being a Christian today but also the trials of being in this world but not of it. It is tiring isn't it? To fight against the tide... for what we believe in. My greatest encouragement to you to keep fighting the good fight.. yes, a fight it is.. but the end will come so quickly and it will all be for good. My best for your rest and restoration. I'll look forward to September 6.. I went to order on the tip from V. Alexander.. but alas, you're off being a busy entrepreneur. All my best, Debbie

  4. I'm a new follower and i am really enjoying your blog. I am pleased to meet someone who listens to GOD and follows HIS leads. You will be blessed by following your path that HE leads you to. It's hard to let go of something that you invested so much time and effort to but the rewards were great to. Obedience is hard for all of us to do. So proud of you.

  5. Nothing is impossible for You, You hold my world in Your hands... I've been praying that regarding our infertility journey. Thanks for the encouragement to keep trusting God's faithfulness to us. I'm a new reader and I look forward to following your blog!

    p.s. I was wondering about watching Timothy Green. Would you recommend someone in my shoes watching it at home or not at all?