Monday, October 22, 2012

Sorry, but my sister is better than your sister.

My friend Mique, the Queen behind The Queen Bee Market is having an awesome contest. It's called "Bee a Queen for the Day", and one lucky winner is going to get a prize package worth over $1000! To nominate a person, you have to write a post about why the deserve to win.

So here I am {of course on the last possible day, because I am the queen of procrastinating}, telling you why my sister should win this contest.

My sister, Molly Garibaldi, is so many things: an amazing wife, the best mother {way better than me}, a great big sister, a giving friend, and a business owner whose "business" is actually a ministry that serves so many.

Molly is the kind of mom that gets down on the floor and plays with her kids, even when there are a million things to be done. She is creative and brilliant, so she comes up with super fun things for the kids to do that don't cost a lot of money. One year for Christmas she gave my son a restaurant kit that included stuff like guest check pads, menus, and an apron.

She is the first one to volunteer to help with her friends kids, or to bring someone a meal, or to just be there to offer support and encouragement to a friend in need.

Molly and her husband are amazingly disciplined with their money. They sacrifice a lot so that they can live on a Private School Teacher's income. Every single time I meet someone from my brother-in-laws school, they go on and on about how much they love him. {Frankly, I would have nominated Kevin for this prize too, but I wasn't sure he would appreciate being called a queen for a day.} He is where he is called to be, but that means that he and my sister have to be very careful with their budget.

My sister rarely buys stuff for herself. Lucky for her, I am getting fatter by the second, so her skinny little butt gets all my hand-me-downs. But Molly basically waits for Christmas and birthdays to get anything she needs.

Being the Queen for the Day would be such a blessing for her, and I would love to get to make that happen. Because on top of all those other things, Molly is the best big sister any girl could ever ask for!

I am blessed.


  1. Lovely! I hope Molly wins too!

  2. Thanks for posting this Emmy- you and Molly are lucky to have each other! Sisters are the BEST. xoxo

  3. You just blessed my heart! I love my girls! Now I would LOVE that photo of the two of you for Christmas!!! I hope she wins! She is so deserving! She never asks for anything for herself!

  4. How beautiful. I hope my daughters will feel the same way when they have flown the nest.