Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lenny Kravitz and Me

Two days ago, my friend Paige of Pink Lemonade posted this picture on Pinterest:

I had to have one.  So I immediately went on Amazon and found out that they also come in red.

That evening I saw this:

Today, I look like this:

Rockin' this phone makes me feel like a baller.  
The fact that Paige {who is 15} didn't know who Lenny Kravitz is makes me feel like an old lady.


  1. Love. Might {might} be coveting.

  2. That is awesome! Some classics just can't be improved upon! Where is mine?

  3. soooo cute!!! Yes I mean all 3 pictures, lol! Have fun with your new phone! :)

  4. adorable!
    (see you at blog sugar!)

  5. Yes, now I must have one too. See what you started? See you at BlogSugar!

  6. yep, i'm definitely old! saw one of maggie's (gussysews) tweets and decided to come check you out!

    huge congratulations to you & yours on the new baby and (slightly smaller *grin*) congrats on the shop reopen!