Thursday, June 9, 2011

You're the Boss: Business Cards

Okay, so I realize that I have never finished my You're the Boss series.  It's possible that someday I will get to those last two points.  It is possible.  But in the meantime I thought we could have a little chat about business cards

I told you I have been obsessed with Pinterest.  I have also told you that I am working on a lot of changes for the shop.  So one thing that I have been searching for on Pinterest is cool business cards.  It is true that first impressions are lasting and important, and that is true for your business as well.  Your business cards should be cute, creative, quality, and most importantly... representative of your business.

Here are a few that I found that make me want to know more about these businesses:

You have to check out the post on this one to see exactly how darling these cards are.  These are stand-outs for sure!

I love the simplicity of these cards, and the fact that they are super economical.  Plus, if she got tired of this style, she can still use the same stamp to create a whole new look.

 {source: Timeless Paper}

I love the extra detail of the bird punch.  There are so many shape punches out there these days, you're certain to find one that would suit your business.  And while this may look like an expensive option, consider how you could order standard business cards and fancy them up with your favorite shape punch. 

{source: simple + pretty}

Are you kidding me???  First of all, who doesn't love a library pocket card?  This is perfection.

{source: FPO}

I love the vintage feel of these cards.  Only problem, as FPO points out, is that you would have to have really big pockets to carry your roll of business cards around in.

Are you inspired???  I'm headed over to Etsy now!


  1. wow! awesome! love the library cards and the tickets and the stamps, ok i love them all! so fun!!!

  2. they're terrific! I love them...

  3. Beautiful collection! I am looking for my style...and it's definitely not plain. I love the idea of adding something to plain rectangles and maybe an eyelet or something to cheap Vistaprint cards...thanks for an interesting post!

  4. Like the way you used the stamp for these cards..if possible and cost effective i wish to use it in the design of Metal business cards.