Tuesday, May 4, 2010

10 Second Tips

It's 3:55am, I am wide awake, and I have a tickle in my throat that will not go away.

So, here I am... blogging.

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Okay, so now stay with me people... this next bit of randomness is getting me to my point, I promise.  

I used to be involved in MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) and amazing program where mommies meet to get inspiration, help, and those "me too!" moments that you so desperately need when you have driven 15 miles on the freeway before realizing that you forgot to strap your infant into the carrier (yes... I did that).  

Anyway, one of my favorite parts of MOPS was what they called Ten Second Tips.  Moms would get up and give quick little tidbits of helpful information ranging from "banana peels can remove tarnish off of silver" to "keep a diaper in your car so that if you're on a roadtrip and your potty-trained child (or husband) feels mother nature calling at an inopportune time, they can sit on the diaper".  

Yesterday I found a great blog, This Crazy Life by Michelle Underwood.  She is a Digital Scrapbook Graphic Designer that is amazingly talented.  In fact, one of her kits was used on this blog design!  She has a section on her blog where she offers some freebies, and that is where I found this:

So here is my Ten Second Tip, stolen from Michelle!

Boil a can of sweet condensed milk for 3 hours, and it will turn into caramel.  Then you can use one of her adorable free printable labels, add some apples or popcorn or brownie mix (or all three), and make a great gift basket!  

Please check out Michelle's blog for the complete instructions.  

I LOVE this idea!  I am going to make some and give it to Beau's teacher with a bag of apples.

Now I wanna hear your Ten Second Tips!  Trust me ladies... you may get some of your best life advice here.


  1. I have a great one! Boil your ground beef. You just put it in a large crockpot and cover with water to about 1-1.5" above the meat. Bring to a boil for a couple of minutes, and then simmer until brown. If you let the water cool before straining, the fat will congeal at the top and you can toss it before straining. I do 5-10 pounds at a time and freeze in portions to be ready to season/add to a recipe as needed.

    I do have a Foodsaver, which eliminates the risk of freezer burn, but you can also do it as needed.

  2. Oops, that's supposed to say large stock pot, not crockpot. I was talking crockpot recipes with someone just now. :)

  3. Hello, Amy!!!! I´m very glad to meet you! I discovered your blog through Bird Crafts and I´m totally in love with your work!!!! I´m a brazilian graphic designer and illustrator and have a blog where I write about design, decoration, party, travel, photography, food, drinks etc. Although it´s written in portuguese, there´s a translator on the page. I´m looking forward to your visit and I´m already following your blog!!!! Warm regards from Brazil!!!!