Monday, May 17, 2010

Special Guest Blogger

I received a very special gift for Mother's Day this year.  
Beau made me this beautiful bouquet of flowers: 

He is his mom's son.

I thought this would make a cute place card holder for a family dinner, so I asked Beau to show us how to do it.

First, take two strips of green paper and staple them together.

On one of the long sides, cut slits of varying length.

Roll up the paper.

Staple the roll together.

Fluff the stems.

Now cut out your flowers.  
According to Beau you will need 8 flowers and 8 centers each of two different colors.

Glue the centers to the opposite color flowers.

Glue the flowers on to the stems.  Some stems will not have a flower.

 Finally, clip a name card onto the bouquet, and set it on your place setting.

What Nanny wouldn't love that???

For the record {and to hopefully make some of you feel better about your day}if you could see the rest of the dining room table and living room area... you would be appalled.  
I only cleaned enough of the table to take this photo. 


  1. YUP.....DEFINITELY his Mama's Son!!!! Great job, Beau!!!!

  2. that almost made me cry. he is so cute!!! my boys and i started sewing "peg bears", maybe i'll make them do a tutorial!