Friday, September 24, 2010

Calling all Shop Owners

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Normally I give you information {however useless it may be}.

But today I need you to give me information.

If you have your own business... I need your feedback.

As you all know, I currently have an Etsy shop.

{Please note all the items marked "SALE".  This is a current picture people.}

I am also currently paying a lot of money to Etsy.

Now don't get me wrong... I love Etsy.
There are so many wonderful things about this community, and I think it is a perfect starting place for a homemade business.

There are just a few limitations with Etsy that are causing me to consider leaving.

So below are my pros and cons about Etsy, to give you an idea of what I am looking for.
If you use a service other than Etsy, or if you know about some impending changes at Etsy that might resolve some of these issues for me... please comment.

*It is free to open a shop on Etsy.
*The community of Etsy is fantastic, and I love the support of handmade goods.
*The layout is nice, simple, and fairly easy to navigate.
*The search feature brings me a lot of random buyers that may not have known about my shop otherwise.
*Customers have to open an Etsy account in order to make a purchase.
*There is no way to have "options" on a listing, so I have to rely on my customers remembering to fill out the Message to Seller at checkout to give me the information on customizing and personalizing their products.
*There is a fee for every listing and every transaction, which for my shop results in at least $600 a year.
*The search feature can distract buyers away from my shop.

Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated today!  I have kind of decided that if I am going to make a switch, I would like to do it with the release of my new line... which is just three weeks away!


  1. My Cousin uses Big Cartel to sell her jewelry. She had the same issue with Etsy when she firs started. Here's her site.

  2. Hi Emmy! I have my Etsy shop also and consider the same pros and cons often. My main pro with Etsy is that I get most of my sales from "searchers" from all over the US and even other countries. I think even promoting a regular site I could not get as much business. My other pro with Etsy is that it seems to be soooo much more popular than any of the other similar shopping sites.
    I also thought people having to create an account was a con....but when I go to shop online anywhere you have to create an account at most online stores too. And hey if they really want an awesome calendar then they just gotta make an account :) Plus, if they think like me and become addicted to etsy shopping, they will favorite you or search you and keep coming back for themselves or opposed to forgetting your website and not being able to find you again.
    The fees-biggest downfall for me too. I have been getting smarter though and instead of posting all my items once a week, I do 10-15 one week, and 10-15 different the next week and so on. That way it cuts down on the fees adding up. Rather than posting all 64 items once a week. (That may be an old trick, but Im slow and just figured that one out, ha) I figure I am just trying to draw people in to look in my shop and find something they like. Plus, when I have a promotion or SALE I try to post that listing every day or every other, because people always come into your shop when they see SALE ;)

    As far as not having the option to choose specifics on there calendar, you could let them know in the description, after they purchase you will send a form to complete with all the details needed to make their calendar. Once you get that back the calendar will be made to their specifics and sent. It seems like a little more work, but may be quicker sending a pre made template for them to complete than convo-ing back and forth trying to get the info you need. I have the customers put the size they want in the message box, if they dont it can delay me sending it for a week or even two because I have to follow up ask the size, then wait for them to tell me...sometimes they dont get back to me right away.

    I recently got my own website for my business, but think I am going to stick to Etsy for now. I get a lot more traffic through Etsy than I do with people finding my website.
    You could always set up a shop on a different site and do a trial, but that might confuse people. You gotta think too, you have like a million billion followers and people that favorite dont want them to lose you :)

    Wow, i wrote a lot...I guess I'm pro Etsy, but still interested in what anyone else has to say too. Or suggestions on how to make Etsy work better for us. Im babbling now sorry and I'm trying to avoid the 80 loads of laundry in front of me, hope my thoughts helped a little, now that I have been looking at your shop I have to decide whether to buy a calendar now or wait till the new line...decisions decisions...laundry will have to
    wait :)

    See ya soon!

  3. Aloha Emmy! Wow, just found you via facebook (gotta love fb)

    I have heard wonderful things about BigCartel - no service charges and you can really customize it to however you'd like.

    Best of luck and it's wonderful finding your store and blog!

    Sarah (aka Sarah Furar)

  4. I really think with your blog traffic, you could probably pull your own site and think, from a fiscal standpoint, it would make A LOT of sense. You can always keep the Etsy shop open with a few items and put info about your new site there. I say, do both for a while until you can get a feel for how it's working out and then make the complete transition after the first of the year. I don't know that I would exclusively list your new line on the new site because you have a seasonal demand for the product. I would think you'd want as much exposure as possible to capitalize on this "calendar crazy" season! :) Off to check out the sale...

  5. I switched over to Big Cartel earlier this year and absolutely love it. For all the Cons you listed about Etsy, BC has those covered. However, there is very little built in traffic so you really have to put yourself out there to draw people in. It seems like you have a strong following and good reputation so drawing them in might just be a piece of cake for you. Feel free to message me if you have any questions about Big Cartel.

  6. I was pondering the same question shortly before reading your blog and was curious to see what kind of feedback you received - it seems like it all boils down to traffic. If you're not at Etsy, can you still pull in the same kind of traffic. As others mentioned, it seems you have a really good following so maybe now's the time! Would it be possible to keep the etsy shop open for a period of time while you build up your big cartel shop?

  7. you know my thoughts girl... you can drive your own business if you put even half of what you spend on etsy into advertising on other blogs. PROMISE! good luck!

  8. I'm your newest follower :o) Heading on over to your etsy site now to check out what you have.

    Being as though I'm new here, & do not own my own shop anywhere, I may not be any help with the feedback you're wanting. However, seems theres alot of good feedback about Big Cartel coming in.

    Happy Blogging!

  9. Hey! Since you're already established, I'd say making the move to Big Cartel would be a breeze for you! I think Etsy is great to establish a fan base, but once it's just too expensive to stick with Etsy. I moved to Big Cartel months ago and am loving it. I keep my Etsy shop in "vacation mode" and my old Etsy banner has "We've Moved -" on it, and quite a few old Etsy customers of mine have found me through there. Also make sure you keep promoting the switch on your blog, FB, Twitter, etc.

    Good luck!

    PS - my cousin Autumn (first commenter on this post!) Got me one of your calendars last Christmas and I looooove it! All the moms at my MOPs table are jealous every time I whip it out ;)