Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 1: The Target Fiasco

Okay, so I am beyond exhausted and we have a VERY long day ahead of us tomorrow, so I am going to give you a VERY brief synopsis of our day.

Walked into the Exhibit Hall to see some amazing fabulous displays.
Felt really overwhelmed.

Decided to walk two blocks to Target to purchase some items to make our booth look a little better.
It started to pour while we were in Target.
Decided instead of paying $5 for a cab to take the Skyway back to the hotel, which is this super cool indoor walkway that connects basically the whole downtown, only it wasn't a straight shot back to the hotel.
Walked about 15 blocks instead of 2 back to the hotel, carrying several ridiculously heavy bags.

Set up our booth.

Felt a little better.
Showered and tried to destinkify.
Had a super fun time at the Handmade Market Earlybird Night!

Not sure why my new phone, which is supposed to take super great pictures didn't.
Met Heather Bailey... a highlight!
Ate the worst burger I have ever had in my life, but with some amazing new friend
{and one super terrific old one}.

Going to bed... goodnight!


  1. It may have been a long day but you look adorable and your booth totally rocks!! Best of luck :)

  2. you look soo cute, and your booth looks great! and i'm so jealous that you met heather bailey! eeks! have fun :]

  3. so fun to meet you today! i love your planners...i am going to add one to my wish list!

    hope you are having lots of fun in Minneapolis!