Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Raving Fans

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So last week was the deadline for my Raving Fan Contest, but with being in Minneapolis and everything... I'm just now getting to it.  That's my life peeps!
So here they are... let's start with the Raving Fan winner.
Congratulations Jen Leathers!  
I have seen her calendar in person, and I love that she uses her's even more than I use mine.  See:
Here are the reasons that Jen thought she should win {and I agreed}:
1.  I use it EVERY day.
2.  I'm a list maker and LOVE to check stuff off my calendar.
(If you could actually see the details of those photos, that would make more sense.)
3.  Despite the fact that we're in a "digital age", I love my PAPER calendar.
(I also love books, to feel the paper and will most likely never own a kindle.)
4.  And I RARELY win things (unlike yourself), so it would be nice to win one...
5.  ... and make my husband even HAPPIER as I stay on budget another month!

Well look at that Grant... hopefully this made your day!
Now for the Future Raving Fans.
I loved these entries, so I couldn't pick just one.
Here are my three winners {I know... aren't I generous}:
Jess Mikel from Yours Truly Dear who said:
Hello Emmy and team!
I have attached a couple pictures of me with my current...calendar. It's technically called a "Personal Pocket Planner." Classy, huh? It's from the Forest Service, and says "PLEASE Be Careful With All Fires" on the front. The only reason I like it is because I collect Smokey the Bear stuff. And it's yellow (one of my favorite colors, as you can tell by my [unplanned] matching shirt).

So, having a Much Ado About You calendar would basically make my life SO much better because:
-i would be instantly cuter
-all the ladies at church would be totally jealous when i whip it out
-i am poor and can only afford this free personal pocket planner. So it would make me feel...less...poor?
-i won't forget all my important appointments (such as laser hair removal appts, job interviews, the iraq...such as...)
might actually remember peoples birthdays, which would make them like me more
-it would take me from ghetto-fab to fancy-fab

I really can't imagine it getting any better than all of the above. I hope you agree :]

xoxo Jess
I hope you feel less poor today.
And I loved your subtle stab at Miss South Carolina.
Ann Swindell from Pretty Little Notebook, who had this to say:

Hi Emmy!

As the attached photos will show, I'm a bit of a train wreck when it comes to using any sort of planner. I've tried paper planners, google calendars online, even alarms in my cell phone. Sadly, the only thing that ever really has worked is writing on my hand...
which makes me look like a third grader when, in real life, I'm a classy, put-together woman (I hope, I hope!). I can't tell you how much one of your planners would help me organize my life in a coherent way; I keep cute things around, and your planners are soooo cute! I really believe it could change my life! It would also really help my hubby...the ink stains I leave on his hands aren't his favorite. :-)

Thanks for the chance to win! 


Here's to making you look like the classy lady that you are.  
{I mean, I think you are.  I'm just taking your word for it since we haven't actually met yet.}

And finally, Jen W of Jen in SLO.

Jen wins for creativity in her entry.

That's not a picture of a calendar, you're thinking?  That's what I thought to... until  I read this:

Hi Emmy!

What a fun contest. I think my calendar is very good-looking, but it's not very practical, is not always readily accessible, and sometimes has a mind of its own! It took several minutes of logical reasoning and pitiful begging to convince my calendar that the possibility of having his picture posted on your website, if I were to win, was totally worth it for an awesome Much Ado About You calendar!

Whenever something needs to be scheduled, I say, "Joe, do we have anything going on this date?" He looks on his paper calendar (designed by him & printed on plain printer paper) and lets me know. If I'm free, he pencils in my activity.  I know a Much Ado About You calendar would make scheduling much more efficient!

Jen W

I loved, loved, loved laughing at the entries.  I think we will definitely have to make this an annual contest.

Jen L, Jess, Ann and Jen W... congratulations!
I will be contacting you with the details about getting your sneak peek at the new line, and first choice for your new free calendars.


  1. YAY!!!! I am so excited!! I never win stuff I actually want, and I've really wanted a MAAY calendar for a while! Thank you, Emmy!

    I always scroll the pictures first, so when I saw the Future Fan wasn't me, I was immediately disappointed and thought, "Oh well, I didn't win, but Ann definitely had a winning entry!" I hadn't seen that you picked three winners. Then I saw me and literally bounced with excitement. :)

    Thank you! You are so generous!

  2. yayyyy i am so stoked! thank you SO MUCH!! ♥