Thursday, September 2, 2010

Emmy's Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day

You may have noticed that I did not blog yesterday.

That's because it was not a good day.
It was one of those days that you wonder why you ever got out of bed, and wish that, like Groundhog's Day, you could just start it all over again and do it better.

So let me take you through my day.
First of all {sorry to any male readers... do I have any male readers???} I started my period for the first time in three months.  In an effort to suppress my Endometriosis, I am taking Seasonique, which makes me have only 4 cycles a year.  Yesterday was the start of one of those cylces.

The morning started out all right {other than that visit from Aunt Flo}.  My new printer was supposed to be delivered at 12:05pm.  We are smack in the middle of preparing our inventory for The Creative Connection, which needs to go in the mail STAT {STAT means now, people} and my old printer decided to bust on me.  So several days and several hundreds of dollars later... the new printer was on its way.

Only, it wasn't.

Let's see if I can summarize this quickly... the printer was supposed to be delivered today {on the 2nd}, but it was running ahead of schedule and said it was coming yesterday {the 1st} instead.  Only, they actually delivered it on Tuesday {the 31st} on the one day of the summer that I actually left my house and tried to go have a little fun.  So I missed that delivery and they wouldn't leave it.  When I called FedEx to find out if I could pick up my package they said yes, and marked it to come off the truck.  THEN they told me I had to pick it up in Anaheim... a 40 minute drive from my house.  So I told them to nevermind and just go ahead and deliver it on the 1st... you all still with me???

Only, they apparently forgot to correct that memo in the system.

So yesterday at 12:01pm I thought to myself, Maybe I should check to make sure the tracking says that my package is actually being delivered today... in four minutes.

When I logged on to the website I saw this message:
"Held at FedEx location for recipient pickup."

Yes, my printer was being held at the facility... in Anaheim!

After a mild meltdown Jennifer calmed me down and declared that we were taking a Much Ado About You field trip to FedEx.  So we got in the car with all the kids and spent two hours driving to Anaheim and back.

Jennifer then carried my 70 pound printer up the stairs and into my office.  She is strong.  I am not.

We carefully followed each of the 18 steps to install the printer.  Everything went great.  Until we got to 18.

Step 18 required that we insert the Installation Disk which would automatically launch the installation process.  Only it didn't.

It didn't do anything.

So I restarted my computer.

And restarted my computer again.

And restarted my computer one more time.

Then I stomped my feet, said some choice words, and cried.  I had reached my breaking point.

Did I mention that my air conditioner is broken and it was 83 degrees in my house at the time?

I have to tell you... I pride myself on being a person that can handle a lot of stress.  It takes a lot to break me.  I don't cry very often.

Yesterday broke me.
Luckily Sarah was here, and even though she was in the corner laughing at my tantrum, she still had the presence of mind to call her husband and ask him to come help.

James... my very favorite person in the world... came and got my printer working.

Everything was better.

We were getting to work... printing like printing fools.  Binding. Tabbing.  It was a beautiful thing.

Then Sarah and I decided to take a break and run to McDonald's for some dinner.

Apparently McDonald's did not get the memo about my day.

I ordered a Big Mac with no lettuce and no pickle.  You can see for yourself what the tag on the box, that I checked before we drove away, said:

Hmm... do you notice the leaf in this picture???

Apparently the chef at McD's thought that "W/O" meant "with only".

The cheese and the dressing are my favorite things about the Big Mac.

This was the perfect epitome of my day yesterday.
Today has been better.
I'm hopeful for tomorrow.


  1. oh Emmy! i can totally relate -- i hope today is going much better for you.

    maybe if you ate more "leaf" you'd be a stronger woman? haha ;)

  2. I feel you! I think it's just in the air! Having one of those weeks where nothing is going the way it should and it's stressing me out :) Hope it gets better.

  3. aww I'm sorry!! I hate days like that!! I hope the days since have been better! :)

  4. This made me miss you! I love your quirky, crazy, bad days. That sounds so mean, but honestly, when you are fired up about something you CRACK ME UP!!