Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Christmas in July

Today I drove by a house that had icicle Christmas lights up, and a light-up plastic Jesus, Mary and Joseph on the roof.

Clearly, they do not live in an association, but don't you think just one of their neighbors would suggest they take it down?  Or take it down for them in the middle of the night???

Maybe they are just really efficient and they put them up for this Christmas.

Regardless... it made me feel much better about the state of affairs in the Blakely household.


  1. Having grown up in a house where the fake Christmas tree was once up until April (I was in the teaching credential program at the time), and where we had a new TV stacked on top of the one that didn't work, I would have thought that you would be more tolerant! :) Too funny!

  2. Maybe this will be my motivation to go out and take the 1 strand of lights that remains on our house. I'm embarrassed...and when I tried to bring it up to my hubby a couple of weeks back, his response was, 'we're ahead for this Christmas.' Not the response I was looking for. I am one of the readers linked to you through Lysa and am thrilled to be introduced to your products! I can't wait to be able to purchase one (in October since we're down to 1 income and that's when we'll have some extra) because now that I'm a new mommy, I need all the help I can get to stay on top of things! Mommy brain has kept me from remembering to take the lights down - maybe next year I'll remember in January with my handy planner;0