Monday, July 25, 2011

Don't Bother Me... I'm Pinning

Some things I have been pinning lately:

Chore Blocks!  How much fun are these?  I LOVE this idea.

Source: None via Emmy on Pinterest

I am obsessed with this backsplash!  I want it.  Now.

If only my office were ever this clean.  Right now I'm not even sure you would be able to tell what color my desk is.

We made this for dinner last night, and it was delicious!  Big hit.  If you're looking for a super easy recipe to feed a big crowd this summer... this is it!  We also grilled some pineapple slices, and I made rosemary infused white rice.  If you have a rice cooker {which everyone should}, cook white rice in part water and part pineapple juice and add a few sprigs of rosemary on top.  I removed the rosemary when it was done cooking.  Yummy.

My friends say I have a knack for repeating the same story with the exact same details every time.  Hey... at least I don't exaggerate.

Alright... of to try to get some actual work done.  ONE WEEK UNTIL THE SHOP REOPENS!!!  EEK!


  1. I have heard soooo much about your planners(!) I'm saving my pennies to order one for my bday!

    Can't wait till the shop reopens. Have a great week!