Monday, July 11, 2011

If I Marry Nathan Again, Can I Have Another Wedding, Please???

I had an amazing wedding.  It was a beautiful, fun day.  It was {almost} everything I had ever dreamed of {and yes, I was the girl that had started my wedding portfolio when I was 10 years old}.

At the time, I would not have done much differently.  {Except for my dress.  I hated my dress.}

But I have to admit, if I was getting married today... it would be so different.

I would have a destination wedding.
I would get married outdoors.
My bridesmaids would all have different dresses, and the men would not wear tuxedos.
I would have a small wedding.
It would be very eclectic, and very vintage.
I would not do my own flowers.
There would be a swing band.
I would wear leopard print shoes.

I envy today's bride.  With the popularity of DIY and handmade products I feel like there are so many more creative options for adding a personal touch to your wedding. 

I keep telling Nathan that I want to have another wedding, and I think he's starting to worry that I may go looking for a new groom.  NOT A CHANCE.  But can I just marry Nathan again?

I recently came across Erin + Brett's wedding on green wedding shoes.

Oh.  My.  Gosh. 

This might be... no, this is the most fabulous wedding I have ever seen!  I wish I had been there.  Plus, they look like a super fun couple.  I want to be friends with them.

Here's a little sampling {photos by Gabriel Ryan Photographers}:

Isn't it fabulous???  You must head over to green wedding shoes to check out the entire posting.  There are so many details that you are going to want to see.  You can also check out Erin's blog here.

Oh, and my wedding would have umbrellas.  Somewhere.


  1. you could always renew your vows?! might be fun!

    that wedding is gorgeous, i agree! you have great taste! i love the vintage feel for sure!

    i would redo so many things too if i were to do it all over again, but i think a little bit of that comes with age and well, i would like to think that i have matured quite a bit since my wedding almost 8 years ago!

    maybe one of your new calenders (that i am dying to get my hands on, i am a teacher and start back in august, so i am counting the days until you reopen, the phone dan only plan me so much) could have a vintage feel? maybe one already does! i would buy it for sure!

  2. I agree...if I had to do it all over again, it would be totally different. I would have picked a different ring, different dress, different decor, different bridesmaids dresses, and yes, proably, ok just kidding, the same guy .but it was what I liked a the time, was in the budget and suited the day. Looking back on it now too...I would not have spent so much money on it either!

    If I had to do it again their would be lots of mason jars and candles, pink roses, vintage silver and oh...I a dreaming now...

  3. Hello Paper Freak! Thank you for the sweet shout outs and the wedding compliments! I would LOVE to be your friend. :) In all honesty I sometimes think about what things I would do different as well. Just last night I read someone's vows that made me bail my eyes out! I guess we will always be planning.... :)