Friday, August 20, 2010

20 Things on the 20th

Okay, wait... today is the 20th, right?  Yes!  I'm pretty confident that it is the 20th.

Today I thought I would share with you a few random facts about me.  20 to be exact.

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Okay, did you ever get that 25 Random Things message on Facebook where you were supposed to write a note and share 25 Random Facts about you and then tag 25 friends and tell them to do the same?

I loved that fun little phase.
I learned some of the most interesting things about my friends that I thought I knew pretty well already.

Anyway... for your reading pleasure {or maybe you are thinking, what in the heck do I care about your stupid facts?}, here are:

20 Random Things about Me
{remember... because today is the 20th}

1. I married my high school sweetheart, and I absolutely believe in soul mates and love at first sight because it happened for me... when I was 14 {of course, it took Nathan 3 years to fall in love with me... but for me it was "at first sight"}.

2. In the last decade I have had a total of 7 surgeries.

3. In 1992 (the year I was in 8th and 9th grade) these things happened: a bus load from our youth group went off a cliff on the way to winter camp (not the bus I was on, but one carrying many of my friends, including my counselor... miraculously no one died), a woman I babysat for killed both her daughters two nights after I last watched them, and I witnessed a fatal hit and run in which an elderly pedestrian was dragged 100 feet by a speeding truck... it was a traumatic year.

4. When I moved into my current house, I moved across the street from a girl that I met in 6th grade at summer camp and was pen pals with for several years (she lived in AZ at the time), but hadn't spoken to in more than a decade before I moved in.

5. I met my two best friends at school... one in Junior High Woodshop Class, and one in the dorms at Cal Poly.

6. I have one tattoo that I got on my honeymoon {we went to Tahiti... the birthplace of tattoos}, and when we got home the first thing my new husband did was tattle on me to my mommy.

7. I am extremely social, and I hate to feel like I am missing out on a good time anytime any of my friends are together, but I am also a total homebody, and would usually rather be at my house than anywhere else.  Which explains why all my friends are always here.

8. My family wins things.  A lot.  My mom won a million things on gameshows, including a car and a trip around the world.  My sister just won one of Lysa's TerKeurst's blog giveaways.  I have won a Christmas wreath, a trip to Cabo San Lucas, and Bingo... to name a few.  Sometimes I don;t enter contests because I feel bad for the other people because I know I will probably win.

9. The worst day of my life was the day my husband's mom died, and I remember almost every detail with vivid clarity, but don't remember most of what happened over the next week.

10. I am a perfectionist, but I sometimes mask that with messiness.

11. I want to be a guest on The Martha Stewart Show.

12. My favorite "desserts" are doritos, tortilla chips with ranch dip and peach salsa, and string cheese.

13. I gained 45 pounds when I was pregnant.  I started at 110 pounds, which means that I nearly doubled my weight.
{I can't believe that I am showing you this picture!}

14. My grandma was a movie star, and one of her biggest roles was in a movie called Playgirl.  No... she was not that kind of movie star... she played a young girl being trained by a con-artist to trick men into giving them lots of money.  One day the Cable Guy came over to fix my cable box and saw Playgirl listed on my DVR list.  He then proceeded to tell me how pornography is the number one source of revenue for the cable company.  It was embarrassing.  Thanks Grandma!

15.  I believe that I have a calling to share with other women how to love God even when you don't get the greatest desire of your heart, and hope that someone will someday ask me to tell my story to a group of women.

16.  If I won the lottery I would buy a whole street full of houses and move all my friends and family there.  And I would open a paper store.  The only problem is that I don't play the lottery.  {Hmm... maybe I should... I do win things.}

17. The best and worst thing that has ever happened to me has been infertility.

18. I hate my middle name.

19. My parents and Nathan's parents had the same wedding anniversary.

20. If I could live in any other period in history... I wouldn't.  I am way too high maintenance!  I need my flat iron, my TV, and a drive thru!

There you go... 20 things about me.  Have you got any Random Things that you would like to share with me?


  1. Dear Emmy,
    What is your middle name????
    I would LOVE for you to share with our women sometime "How To Love God, even when you don't get the Desire of your Heart." What an incredible topic! I am going to be praying for the right opportunity and will be in touch...
    I love you and I love reading your blog, Lori

  2. Ditto to number 1, 7, 8 (I won a car in high school, a honeymoon, and lots of things on the radio!), and # 17. Let's be friends! And even though I'm probably due to stop winning things I'm hoping to win one of your calendars on the 30 days giveaway. Thanks for posting about that!

  3. These are sweet little tidbits.
    Love it.
    p.s. That picture of Beau in your belly is CRAZY- hoe did you walk????

  4. i'm curious about your middle name now too haha. i like learning random facts about people. and thats really funny about playgirl haha.

  5. Okay... I'll cave! It's Marie. My middle name is Marie. I know it's not the worst name in the world, it was just a total afterthought from my parents, and the same middle name that every third girl my age has!