Thursday, August 26, 2010

Super Steal of a Deal

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Has anyone out there ever heard of  My mom just told me about it the other day, and it's an amazing find!  It's a website where you can get gift certificates to various restaurants at ridiculous discounts.
One of our favorite local restaurants is Simply Fondue.  It's this funky little place in downtown San Juan Capistrano that is just my style.  It's got leopard print booths, zebra fabric on the walls, black and silver damask wallpaper, and accents of hot pink and purple... to name just a few of the funky elements.
Last year for Christmas, Nathan and I gave each of our parents a nice bottle of wine, and told them we were taking them to Simply Fondue for dinner. {FYI... there are no corkage fees on Tuesday nights.  We took them on a Tuesday.}  We had so much fun, and Beau loved it.
Anyway, my mom called the other day to tell me that I could get a $100 gift certificate to Simply Fondue on for just $40.  I logged on to check it out, and sure enough... it was $40.  
But before I checked out I Googled "coupon code for" which I like to do before any and all online checkouts {I can't tell you how many times I have gotten free shipping out of that}, and I found a code for an additional 40% off.  {The code was "bridal", and as far as I know it is still working.}
I typed in the code... and sure enough... my $100 gift certificate ended up costing me just $24!
So tonight Nathan and I are going to Simply Fondue with Jennifer and her husband Nathan.  {Yes, they are both Nathan, and even worse... they are both Nathan B., so we like to call them Thing 1 and Thing 2.}
I can't wait!  Fondue is my favorite!  I can't wait for the cheese course.  Mmmmmm.

And just so you don't think Oh, that poor Emmy... she totally got scammed... last night we used the gift certificate I had gotten off of for Diho Siam, our favorite local Thai restaurant.  It was a $25 gift certificate that I purchased for $6.

Check it out!  They are gift certificates available from restaurants all over the country.  If you get a good deal... tell me about it!


  1. I went to check it out and it says in small print that there must be a $200 minimum purchase (at Simply Fondue), that seems like a lot... But I've never been there. It sounds like a good deal, but do I need to buy two $100 gift certificates to make it worth it?

  2. You can only use one gift certificate at a time. What I suggest is to go with another couple. Each couple is about $100, so two couples will meet the $200 minimum. Then you just split the whole cost, and you can eat for like $60 a couple... which is a great deal for Simply Fondue.

  3. is great! I'm glad you found a coupon code; never buy a certificate without a coupon code! They have them available very frequently. One time, I got certificates for 90% off!!

  4. Have fun, I love that place! It is so good! And the deco is so awesome, alot of the furniture was brought from different parts of the world.

  5. we get gift cards from there all the time! a fun one for gifts is lobster gram ... live lobster shipped from maine!

  6. Make sure to google "" coupon codes - you can find them for up to 80% off!! My mom and I are going to the movies tonight and I just got a $50 gift card for Fuzio's for $6!!

    Happy Weekend :)