Friday, August 6, 2010

Something Important

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Alright... enough of all this serious business talk.  It's time to talk about something important.
Something near and dear to my heart.
Something I hope will make you all want to join the discussion.

Reality TV.

My favorite thing about summer is that we usually get a lot of great reality TV in the summer.

Right now we've got some of my very favorites: Top Chef, Project Runway, Bethenny Getting Married? {although the season finale was last night, which I haven't had a chance to watch yet... sad}, Wipeout {this is definitely Beau's favorite}, Top Shot, The Colony... did I lose you all on those last two?

But let's talk about the serious part now.

Does anyone else hate it when they change the system on your favorite reality competition shows? First of all Project Runway... do we really need an extra half an hour???  I hate to admit that the last few seasons I have mostly fast-forwarded through the middle making-the-outfits part.  I like when they tell them what they have to make... and then I like to see what they made.  The extra thirty minutes so that we can now watch what the contestants say to each other every time someone comes back from the runway... so not necessary.  It was hard enough for me to retain control of the remote for an hour... now I have to try to hold on to it for an hour and a half!  Not helping Project Runway!  And what's with the "how many should we send home tonight?" twist?  I don't like it.  And while we're on Project Runway, for Brooke's sake I must say... what is up with Heidi's hair???  {Brooke has devoted several Facebook status updates to this topic.}  It looks like a wig.

Okay, done with my Project Runway rant.  And admittedly, I think this season has more really talented people than they ever have before, so don't worry... an hour or ninety minutes... I'll be watching.

Now... here's what I need from you... am I missing any great reality TV?  Since I'm sure 99% of you have no idea what Top Shot {the History Channel... yes, one of Nathan's favorite channels}or The Colony {the Discovery Channel} are... it's your turn to tell me what I am missing.  

Is there some great reality TV that is being overlooked in the Blakely household?
And now that  I think about it, I think I missed an entire season of one of my absolute favorites, Tori and Dean.  

I better check on that.  Gosh... do you think they are available online???


  1. I am not really a reality show fan (or at least that is what I claim), but I love Top Chef and Project Runway, but I had no idea it was an extra 1/2 hour... haha I just thought my DVR was recording beyond the scheduled time. I'm pretty sure I erased it after they announced the loser... is there more after that???
    Alright so maybe I watch a little more than I care to admit... here are my favorites
    1. Martha Stewart Show (OK so this is more of a talk show, than a reality show. But I especially love it when she is condescending to guests who don't know what they are doing)
    2. Top Chef (not impressed with this season so far... I don't have a favorite yet)
    3. Project Runway (love the girl who has won so far)
    4. Deadliest Catch (Use to be my husband's favorite and now I'm addicted...I even have a favorite boat)
    5. Wipe Out (this one is all my husband, but it's pretty freaking funny sometimes)
    6. Flipping Out (start's back up soon!!!)
    7. Rachel Zoe Project (I love that she tries to convince the world that she eats)

  2. I LOVE your "I'm not really a reality show fan" breakdown of all things reality! You crack me up. And I CAN'T WAIT for Flipping Out! It's my favorite!!!

  3. I love tons of reality t.v....but you left off my favorite summer RT show...So You Think You Can Dance....oh and the Bachelorette! SYTYCD changed their format too....and I am still not sure how I feel about it! Bachelorette was great....although the guy I wanted her to pick, chose his old girlfriend instead of her! I love the Hills as well...sad it is over! Haven't watched the others on your list....maybe I will start :)!

  4. I feel sad admitting this but Ryan and I love Big Brother on CBS. I know, kinda skanky but it's really not that bad!! We love all the strategy involved. Oh, and Flipping Out is great too!

    PS - how are things going with your adoption? I hope you're moving right along :)

  5. No idea what Top Shot is, sounds cool. Saw The Colony, not into it, but ALL the rest of what you listed...I am there. I am currently drinking my coffee and watching my dvr'd episode of Bethenny Getting Married- the finale. I also finished The Bachelorette.
    I LOVE Flipping Out, cannot wait! I also DVR'd Housewives...DC, just in cases. Yes, I say Just in Cases...from Love, Actually, one of the best movies ever.
    I, too, heart Top Chef (although not in love this season), Project Runway and we also like Next Food Network Star. I ALSO missed the WHOLE season of Tori and Dean and I heart Tori! I went onto Oxygen and was able to DVR the whole season...they replay the episodes all the time! I meant to watch Big Brother, never got around to it, and my kids love Minute to Win It, Wipeout and America's Got Talent. Is that it??? Oh, we we even try to catch Last Comic Standing if we have time.
    I must say, we also have a whole list of "real" shows, like True Blood, Hung, Entourage, The Closer, Rescue Me...what else...cannot wait for Weeds.

  6. yeah, that made me mad about project runway too. like it's putting us on the edge of our seats or something. just stick to the program and send one poor soul home! good grief!

    also, we love reality tv around here too. your picks are slightly more...classy than some of ours haha. hello jersey shore!