Monday, August 30, 2010

Simply Fabulous

What a fantastic weekend we had!  I hope you all had wonderful weekends too.

I will tell you all about mine {that way if you didn't have a fabulous weekend, you can live vicariously through mine}.

First of all though... a winner for our Initials, Inc. giveaway.
Congratulations Sarah from Blue Barn Quilts!  Yay... I'm so glad you are a big winner!

Okay, now... you may have noticed that I did not blog on Friday.  That's because I was in Temecula with Nathan and our friends from our Couples Small Group.  Why would we spend a super hot weekend in Temecula... you ask?  We were out there to see Brian Regan perform.  If you have never heard of Brian Regan... go watch some of his videos on iTunes.  He is a very clean, conservative comedian that just happens to be hilarious.  I was laughing so hard by the end of his performance, my stomach muscles and cheeks hurt and I had lost most of my make-up from crying.

We had good food, good fun, and there was also a funny incident meeting Brian Regan by the pool.

We had so much fun on our quick little getaway with our friends.. such a refreshing treat.

Then we came home Saturday to find the final copy of our Home Study in the mail!!!
Woooooo hooooo!!!  We are officially ready to adopt!

Now I just have to finish up my paperwork for the Adoption Agency and make my scrapbooks for the birth moms.
We're getting close now. :)

Before I wrap up this post I thought I would share one more thing with you for your viewing pleasure.
Remember I told you that we were going to dinner on Thursday night:

We had a really fun night at Simply Fondue with the Bennetts.

Good times... good friends... good news... good weekend!


  1. hi there!
    just found you through all thoings related! I ♥ all things vintage and paper too!!
    Stop by and say hello when ever you can :) i think you will enjoy my free Vintage clip art :)
    God bless you!!
    your newest follower

  2. haha you're cute. love the pics with the crown. looks like a fun time!!