Monday, August 9, 2010

Clear is NOT Invisible

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Okay, now I know we had a very serious topic on Friday, but it is time for another equally serious topic.
Clear. Bra. Straps.

We went to the Orange County Fair this weekend, and had a fabulous time eating way too much totally nasty, horrible-for-you food, watching pig races, and riding roller coasters that I was sure were going to fall apart at any moment.

But most importantly it reminded me of how many women are misinformed about their bra straps.

So here it is ladies.  My public service announcement for women everywhere.

Clear bra straps are not invisible!

You cannot wear a strapless shirt, or a halter top, or spaghetti strings straps, and throw on a bra with clear straps and think that people cannot see them.  We can see them people!  They shine in the light.

Plus inevitably clear straps turn yellow.  And that is disgusting.

Do me and eyeballs everywhere a favor and invest in a good strapless bra.  If your tatas are too big for a strapless bra, then you shouldn't be wearing a strapless top anyway.  Or spaghetti strings for that matter.
Alright, who's with me?  If you agree, then commit with me to never wearing clear bra straps.

We will make the world a more beautiful place one bra strap at a time.


  1. I COMPLETELY agree with you! One strap at a time!! Power to the Modest!! haha :P

  2. Hilarious! I's a little redneck! I am in full support of your post!!!!!

  3. You are so funny! AGREE 100%! I always enjoy catching up on your blogs! They always make me smile! Happy Monday Emmy!

  4. LOL that's so funny! :o)
    I have a bra that has clear straps, but as soon as I brought it home I put on the black straps that came with it and packed the clear ones away!

  5. wow lovely!

    ohh it's so hard to pick one..emm maybe the handstamped mother necklace. but FYI I also love the gem drop necklace so much!maybe it will be lovely to combine them :)