Friday, November 26, 2010

9 Days

It has been nine days since I last blogged.

Right after I posted my last blog, Mego's husband called me and asked if he could fly me out to Denver for the weekend to surprise Mego for her birthday.  

Who could say no to a free weekend away from the insanity, spending time with your bff, and getting to read an entire book???

So, in the last nine days I have:

Celebrated Beau's football team, who made it to the playoffs and lost in a heart-wrenching triple overtime {and am now not sure how I will ever survive being a High School Football Mom}

{Cupcakes, of course, courtesy of Once Upon a Cupcake}

Helped at Beau's Thanksgiving Feast at school

Flown to Denver
Participated in a, shall we say interesting Craft Fair

where we mostly sat here:

{I don't know why I can't get this picture to rotate, but you get the idea.}

Visited the "beach" with Cora

Read two entire books {oh, how I love Francine Rivers}

Tried desperately to catch up on a mounting stack of orders

Gone to see Tangled with my family


Hosted my very first Thanksgiving Dinner

So there's the breakdown. 


  1. Oh, I just saw this and laughed out loud at the "No Sitting" pic. That was too funny. Did you really read TWO books? Sheesh!

  2. Sounds like you've been having a fabulous time!