Friday, November 26, 2010

Twice in a Day!

Whoa... look at me!  No blogging for nine days, and then two in one day.  Watch out world.

I have never shopped on Black Friday.  I find the whole idea ridiculous, overwhelming, and thoroughly unappealing.

But this year, with every store trying to beat the next to opening... I seriously considered Target at 4am.

Then I reconsidered.

Anyway, for my brothers and sisters out there that would rather enjoy a leftover chicken sandwich than fight with some crazed bargain hunter over a pair of pink fuzzy earmuffs that for some reason seem like a must-have at 4am... I am bringing Black Friday to your computer!  And it's lasting til Sunday.

From now until Sunday, November 28th at midnight PST
Save 10% off all orders from Much Ado About You

You can save 10% on this:

or this:

or these:

Bookmarks make a great gift for your favorite reader!

Tell someone you really care by getting them a personalized gift.

Personalized says... I thought ahead.  I knew you would like this.

Just enter the code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout.

Remember, this sale only lasts until Sunday, so don't delay.  This is your last chance to save on Much Ado About You purchases before Christmas.

We are guaranteeing all orders placed before December 1st to ship by December 15th.

December 1st is the last day to place an order for Christmas delivery.

Now. Go. Shop.

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