Wednesday, November 17, 2010


If you are wondering why I have been sparse with my blogging lately, it's because Much Ado About You is currently experiencing our busiest. season. ever.

Last December, our highest sales month of all time, we sold 120 calendars.

This month, as of today, with only half of the month behind us, we have sold 135 calendars!

That is why I have not had time to blog.
It is also why I have not had time to do laundry, clean up the house, put away dishes,  unpack from The Queen Bee Market {more on that later}, or finishing putting up the Christmas decorations that Nathan and Beau started while I was gone.

I've been busy.

We released the new line one month ago, and we are now sold out of 5 out of the 24 designs:

If one of these is the one you had your heart set on... you should have bought it already!  Just kidding.  What I was really going to say was that we may end up with a few more... we just went through all of our pending orders yesterday, and based on our highly sophisticated counting system... we believe we are sold out.

Now I am going back to bed because Nathan is home sick and kept me up most of the night with his moaning.  {Fever of 103... no good.}  So, goodnight.  Zzzzzzzzz.


  1. I'm glad I got mine when I DID! And P.S. I LOVE IT!!!! =D

  2. Emmy: You don't know me, but I go to Crossline. Actually, I met you briefly at the boutique.

    Today I polled my Facebook friends to ask what their favorite Etsy shops are--and a friend from MA listed Much Ado About You! She's a teacher and loves your stuff.

    I thought it was so ironic that she lives on the other side of the country and the owner of her favorite Etsy shop happens to go to my church.

    Enjoy your busy season!