Monday, November 15, 2010

Once Upon a Cupcake Giveaway!!!

My friend Kelly from Once Upon a Cupcake is having her first ever giveaway!  She is making these darling cupcake toppers, that can be shipped anywhere in the US.  

One dozen of these bad boys could be yours!

Check out Kelly's blog to enter.  Also, become a follower because you will definitely want to be updated on all the amazing things she does with fondant and icing.  Amazing.

And in case you were wondering... her cupcakes are to die for.  I am not a sweets person.  I am a chips and salsa kind of girl.  But I crave Kelly's cupcakes.  Crave.  They are yummilicious.  If you have any excuse for ordering cupcakes, you should order them from her.  You won't regret it.


  1. WHAT?! Those are freakin' adorable! I want them!

  2. Emmy!!! The feeling is mutual :) I enjoyed finally meeting you! LOVED your set up, it was incredibly professional.

    On another note, I'd love to learn to work with fondant!!! Looks like a lot of fun :)