Monday, April 9, 2012

And Baby Makes... You Crazy!

I saw on Facebook the other day that a friend of mine from college is pregnant with her fifth baby.  5.  And I realized something: having a fifth baby crosses you over the line of just wanting a big family to being a crazy person.

When I hear that someone has four kids, I think that's nice... they wanted a big family.

But if I hear that someone has five or more kids, I have to admit that my first thought is wow... those people must be crazy.  {You can now refer back to my posting last week about being judgmental.}

Nathan and I always wanted a big family.  Which meant that we wanted four kids.

God obviously had a different plan for our family, and I have said many times that He clearly knew me much better than I know myself.

I like structure.  I like routine.  I like quiet.  Those things don't always exist in a big family.

Now don't get me wrong.  I think big families are awesome.  I think women who have baby after baby... after baby... are amazing.  If you are a mom of many, please don't take offense.  I have many friends that have five or more kids.  I have one friend that was pregnant or nursing for an entire decade because she has five kids that are all two years apart.  I have one friend that had a set of identical twins, then a third child, then another set of identical twins.  I have another friend that has five children, runs a thriving business, and blogs. 

I seriously don't know how they all do it.

If one of you is reading this, please know that I think you are amazing, incredible, special, and wonderful.

I just also happen to think that you are crazy.  In an I-wish-I-was-that-kind-of-crazy kind of way, but crazy nonetheless.  

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  1. We have a 20 month old, so 'trying for the next' is WAITING ON ME....this morning I find myself exhausted and going on day 4 of not being able to wash my hair and thinking, "how in the WORLD am I going to stay showered, keep the house in order, care after the children and live with two?!" ;0 Lord knows ;0 But thanks for sharing your crazies because this morning it makes me feel a little more normal...and sane.