Monday, April 23, 2012

Sorry to Leave you in the Dark

Okay, so I really didn't mean to be so mysterious with my posting last week.  I just wanted to formulate my thoughts a little bit before I shared about what I believe God has called me to do.

For a long time I have had the desire to help families struggling through infertility and adoption. One of the things that has always really frustrated me is the fact that the cost of certain options makes them unattainable for some people. It is the salt in the wounds of infertility.

Since experiencing this painful reality myself, I have felt that at some point in my life I would become an advocate for these families.

Last weekend an idea popped into my head that I knew was from the Lord. It seemed like such an obvious fit for me... like I have been preparing for this for years, with experiences that combine to make me the perfect person to take on this task.

So here it is {this is the part where I very vulnerably share my heart with you}:  I want to host a one day faith-based conference event for women, mainly geared toward women experiencing infertility and/or desiring to adopt.   I would love for it to be open to anyone that felt a calling to serve their friends or family experiencing these things, but keep the focus on bringing together women who have a common thread and need to find a community.

My initial thought is that it would be a luncheon, with break-away sessions on topics such as Adoption 101, Ethics and Infertility Treatments, Infant Loss & Miscarriange, etc., and then have some time for socializing, and finally a speaker and wrap-up. And here is the cherry on top... at the wrap up I would like to raffle off funds for one blessed attendee to use towards building their family!

I’m excited and nervous about taking on a new, VERY TIME CONSUMING task, but I feel like this is what I was made for! It involves everything I love to do: create, plan, socialize, support friends… it’s just me!

I knew this idea was from the Lord when I told Nathan and he immediately got on board!  He has been VERY encouraging and helpful already in formulating logistics and designing a plan.

I already have a name, a logo, a dream team list of people that I would like to be involved, and some ideas on how to raise the funds to do it all.

I will keep you posted on the progress.

And there it is.  My new calling.  My life changing.


  1. This. is. amazing!! I just got chills!! Please let me know if there's any way I can help out!! Love your heart girl!

  2. Emmy....this is perfectly YOU ! I promise to pray for you, this ministry, and everything involved in making this a beautiful and life changing event. When God speaks and we move, amazing things happen. I am excited to watch each step forward, confident in this calling....His calling on your life.


  3. Woot woot! Go girl :) I love this. I admire you for simply saying "yes" to God - praying for you & the women you'll impact!

  4. i have goosebumps. this is so amazing. my husband and i are struggling with infertility. we have had 2 rounds of clomid+1 round of IUI, and it has not worked. We are unfortunately at the point where we had to take a break b/c of financial reasons. I can't wait to hear more info about this!!

  5. It's so amazing to me how many women out there are dealing with infertility. My husband and I have dealt with it for 7 years. It's heartbreaking. You can read about my story here: What your doing sounds amazing, it's great that you are following where God is leading you. This will truly bless someone's life!!!

  6. Emmy,
    Isn't God awesome?!! :) I am so excited about this and how God will use it and you for His glory!

  7. Oh this is FANTASTIC! Major goosebumps girl! Vintage Rose Wraps would love to contribute towards the raffle. This makes me love you even more. Please let us know how we can help in your journey! xoxo

  8. Oh my goodness! Can I help!? I know you don't know this about me, but we have planned (and continue to plan) events for anywhere from 100-1,500 women. I would love to help in any way you need help. This is so awesome! I'm so excited to hear the plans the Lord has for you!

  9. Amazing. Just amazing. Love you!!!!

  10. lemme know how i can help! i would love to help support you and others in this!

  11. Love this and wish we were not on opposite sides of the country so I could help in person! Let me know how I may pray!

  12. Emmy, this is a beautiful idea. Please let me know if I can help in any way. I think another great speaking point would be guilt. I know I struggle with feeling like I can't give my husband something so basic and natural. Of course you know it's not your fault, but everytime I see him with a baby in his arms and an ear splitting breaks my heart.

  13. So very sweet that you are able to use your the deep feelings and thoughts in your own soul to minister to others. I live across the country and have been blessed with children but watch two of my friends walk this road and I think a day like this would be a blessing, an encouragement and water for their aching souls. I will be praying for you that all things come together! Blessings and hugs and more prayer!

  14. i have just stumbled upon your blog.
    thrilled about this idea. praying for y'all as you follow his leading!


  15. Just ordered a planner yesterday and today found this blog of yours. :) What an amazing idea!!! My husband and I are struggling with IF. It's been 3 years we have been trying to start a family. We've had two losses in that time - one at 18 weeks due to pre-term labor and one early miscarriage at 7. IF can be so isolating and a conference like this sounds like an amazing idea. Many prayers to you as you seek to bless others!

    1. I'm sorry that you are going thru IF Heather! It's one of the clubs I am in that I don't ever want anyone new to join!!! I know CA is probably a long way from you, but consider coming, would you??? It's going to be February 9th. I haven't had a chance to post updates with my shop opening taking every moment for me, but God is pulling this event together in an awesome way! I'm super excited about our line up of speakers!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  16. such a neat idea, Emmy! just emailed you :)