Friday, April 13, 2012

My Escape

About once a year I allow myself to escape.  I tune out my life.  I ignore the laundry.  I don't answer emails.  I don't even really pay attention to my cell phone.

I just escape.

Last year I went to Rome.  I met Hadassah and Marcus, and watched them fall in love. I marveled at Hadassah's steadfast devotion to the man called Jesus Christ that her father knew and loved.  I ached for her, as she tried desperately to show her God to the family that enslaved her.  I cried the first time Marcus realized that the mysterious veiled servant was the slave girl that he had once loved.

I went to Rome and I stayed there until The Mark of the Lion was over.

Since Monday I have been in Panem.  I have hated the Capital.  I have been desperate for Katniss to let herself love.

I have learned that "Team Peeta" is not about animal rights.

I very purposefully saved this trilogy for Spring Vacation.  I knew that once I started I would not be able to stop, because I can't stop myself when I have escaped into a novel.

It drives Nathan crazy.

I finished Catching Fire last night, and have started Mockingjay.  I am already mourning the fact that by the end of the weekend it will all be over.  I will have to come home to Ladera Ranch.  I will have to face the mountain of laundry in my hallway, the stack of dishes in my sink, and the work that needs to be done so that the Student/Teacher Planners can go on sale at the end of the month, as promised.

And I will have to wait for my next escape. 

I wonder where I will go next.

But for now I return to Panem.

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  1. Oh girl! I devoured those books in under 4 days. I could not put them down! Of course, I don't have a family and home to care for either, so that made that a bit easier for me. :)
    I mourn the loss of my fictional characters too. When I finished "Mockingjay" my first reaction was, "Ugh! Now what?!"
    I hope it's a bit easier on you. :) Enjoy much as you can because it's a strange place. :)