Friday, April 6, 2012

My King

This is one of my favorite videos.  It brings tears to my eyes every time I watch it.

Do you know the King?  I'd love to tell you more about Him if you don't.

My King saved a hopelessly imperfect woman that makes mistakes daily.

My King redeems the most tragic of days, and fills them with joy.

My King provides when people can't.

My King comforts when the pain is deep.

My King is faithful when others are not.

My King cares about the tiniest details of my life, and grants silly wishes just to prove it.

My King reveals, in His perfect timing, His will for my life.

My King rose from the dead, so that I might have eternal life.

This Sunday is Easter.  Easter is the single most important event in Christianity because without the resurrection, Christ is not a savior.

But Jesus was raised from the dead.  He paid our debt.  And because of that we are offered the gift of eternal life.

Happy Easter.  I pray that each of you may know the gift that this day brings... so much more than some colored eggs and a bunny could ever offer.

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