Monday, October 4, 2010

Holy Printer!

I am fighting the urge to throw a complete fit today.
{I will explain why in a minute, but the title of this posting should give you a clue.}

My nature is to throw a tantrum.
I am a hot-headed Italian woman, and I sometimes lose self-control.

When I was younger, this was a real problem.
In Junior High, it reached its bowling point, and I was on the verge of losing some friends {Brooke included}.

One day my mom told me that  I needed to start praying for self-control, because I had to get a handle on my emotions.  I had never really considered that I could change this about myself.  I figured it was just a character flaw that I had to live with.

I think too often we excuse bad behavior with a oh, I'm just sensitive... or I'm just emotional... or I'm just this or that, instead of seeing them as the character flaws that they are, and trying to make ourselves better.

 So I started praying for self-control.  I started praying that God would help me resist the urge to lash out when I was frustrated.  I started praying for moments of sanity before the breaking point.
And you know what?  God answered my prayers.

If you knew me back in Junior High, I'm sorry.  I swear, I have changed.
Of course, there are still days that I scream and stomp my feet, but those days are now few and far between.

Today could have been one of those days.

Today my printer is broken.

Yes, my brand new printer.
No, not the one that replaced my other broken printer last month.
The one I got this morning to replace that one because that one broke last week.
My brand new, one-hour-out-of-the-box printer is broken.

They are sending me a new one tomorrow.
{Please pray that it works... for Dell's Customer Service Operator's sake.}

But I am maintaining my composure.
No feet stomping yet.
I am counting down in my head, and practicing my Lamaze breathing, but I am not stomping my feet.



  1. i love what a wise older man told me once in response to what our pastor calls our "core sin", the flesh response we find ourselves in the most and have a hard time fighting. he reminded a group of younger leaders at our church that fighting "that one" can and sometimes is a daily choice! that we need to be in prayer DAILY for control of "that one" and that so many of us get discouraged and defeated because God doesn't always answer that prayer and take "that one" away for the remainder of our life on earth (2 corinthians 12).

    good for you for handling yourself with grace today! we must celebrate our victories! YAY EMMY!!!! i will be praying for you and that the "printer demon" be cast out of your home ... he hee!

  2. Praying for you to be able to have a supernatural response to a really annoying situation.

    Technology is such a mixed blessing!