Monday, October 25, 2010

Sew Weekly... Sew Adorable!

This weekend while I was catching up on some of my favorite blogs,
I found a new favorite!  
Mique from 30 days had a great posting about birthday parties in which she highlighted this amazing post by Mena Trott of Sew Weekly.

First of all... the posting:

Mena posted about the Sound of Music birthday party she created for her daughter {who is named Penelope, btw... which is going to be our baby's name if it is a girl, which makes me like Mena even more}.

You have to check out the entire posting to see all the amazing details, but let me just say that those adorable curtain outfits ended up on all the guests!

While gushing over this fantastic party {and trying to figure out how I am going to convince my sister to copy it for my niece's next birthday} I checked out the rest of Mena's blog.

Sew Weekly was started to document Mena's journey of creating a totally handmade wardrobe.  Every week she makes herself an outfit, with the goal of having "a closet filled only with clothes that I have sewn myself (with a few exceptions)" by the end of 2010.  She has fantabulous vintage taste {and is totally adorable}, and each week posts her outfit and gives a little description of the project.  My favorite part is that she also rates whether or not she would wear it again.

These are some of my favorites from her collection:

Isn't she adorable???

Check out her blog for yourself.  Tell her I sent you!

{I would like to note that this posting is totally unsolicited.  I don't know Mena, and she doesn't know that I am doing this posting.  I just really like her blog.}

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