Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wanted: Someone to Make my Life Bearable

I got 8 hours of sleep last night.  8.  I feel like a new woman.

So now I can seriously tell you that I need an Assistant.  I have many employees who are amazing and make it possible for me to continue taking orders when we have 68 in the queue.  But I need someone that can take over the busy work of running a business and allow me to actually make calendars.

I have already gotten several emails from interested parties, so I thought I should formally let you all know that I am serious about needing an Assistant.  And here's what I am looking for:

First of all, it needs to be someone that is local and could actually come into my office in South Orange County, California.

I need someone that could come Monday - Friday for about 2 to 3 hours a day.  Somedays may be a little more... some may be a little less {especially during our slower season}.

You would be responsible for:

  • Printing out orders from Etsy
  • Confirming orders with customers
  • Following up with customers that we need more information from
  • Entering the orders in our database
  • Updating the database everyday with what was completed the day before
  • Tracking orders
  • Answering emails {this means you need to be able to compose a legible email that is free from spelling and grammatical errors.... I am picky about this}
  • Printing calendars for open orders
  • Printing tabs for open orders
  • Tracking supplies and placing ordering as necessary
  • Preparing orders for shipment

It is all quite simple stuff... it is just the stuff that gets me very bogged down and stuck at the computer.  I think that someone else could probably get done in 2 hours what takes me 5, because I get interrupted a lot.

Now, here are the less-official requirements:

  • You must have a good sense of humor!  We like to have fun in this office and being okay with teasing and sarcasm is a must.
  • Jennifer says that you cannot have an annoying laugh.  She holds "Annoying Laugh Veto Power".
  • You need to be confident enough to answer easy questions on your own, but smart enough to know when you can't.
  • You cannot be too sensitive for yelling.  Sometimes I yell.  Mostly at computers and printers and rarely at employees... but it happens.
If you are interested, or know someone that might be, please send me an email at  Then be patient with me while I try to find the time to respond to you.

Who wouldn't want to join this motley crew???


  1. Hoping the right person comes along for you and how I wish it could be me! I'd be such a good little assistant. Oh, and I love Brooke's shirt in this picture.

  2. ack... i'm too far away! would totally do it.

    um, i put up my first post being a CA for Much Ado About You ... they are gorgeous Emmy... absolutely stunning@!!!!

  3. If you don't find the right person. I will cover for you until you do. You know I can do this stuff and handle all the rest of you girls with my eyes closed! But I CAN NOT cut in a straight line or glue in the center of anything. I can't do or produce anything crafty at all!

    But I love you all and would be happy to help you anytime.

  4. i would love to work for you! oh how i wished in so cal still:)
    what a fun job!

  5. Hi there Emmy! I just found your did I miss it??? I love your planners...I too love a planner that I can write in and carry around with me. I read a few posts back and see that you are(or were) looking for someone to help make your days easier! I do not know if you have already found your person, but I am interested!I can spell:) and I do use spell check but I do not know how to use it on this comment form. So hopefully I did not make too many errors on this. I live local and think I can do the things that you need help with! I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to further discuss. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon. Oh and by the way, I love Nordstrom for the same reasons you do. Valerie