Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Confession: 5666 minutes

5666 minutes.
94 hours and 26 minutes
3 days 22 hours and 26 minutes
Basically one tenth of a month.

That is the amount of time I have spent in the last month watching One Tree Hill.

At the beginning of the month Brooke introduced me to this show.  It was playing on the Soap Network and was in the middle of season three.  I started watching it... and in three episodes I was hooked.  While I was in Mexico during Spring Break Brooke went out and bought season four.  I finished that in a few days and ran out and bought seasons five and one, which I watched simultaneously.  Then I watched season six... then went back to season two.  Last night I finished season two and texted Brooke the following message: "I need season three STAT!"  Since I was in bed recovering from surgery, and she is an amazing bff... she ran out and bought it for me and rushed right over to watch the first episode with me. 

I just caught up to the episode that I started on.  

I am now in mourning because I no longer have new episodes to watch.

Well, at least not until season seven comes out on DVD in a few weeks.

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