Thursday, April 15, 2010

Special Delivery

We all have those opportunities in life to bring someone a meal… a new mommy, a recovering friend, a neighbor who burned their kitchen down because they are such terrible cook. 

Whatever the situation, I think it is a nice gesture to make it not just a meal, but an entire eating experience.

Package it up… make it cute… include everything… and most importantly… MAKE IT ALL DISPOSABLE!

There’s nothing worse than opening your kitchen cabinet and feeling that pang of guilt because you know you didn’t buy that Pyrex® dish, but you have had it for more than a year now and you don’t even know how to get a hold of the girl that made you those delicious enchiladas (don’t worry… my sister eventually got it back to her for me).

Note to my "green" friends (Jen this one is for you): I apologize to you and to the planet, but if you have ever had a baby you will know that in those first few weeks easy is way more important that any carbon footprint mumbo jumbo.

When your friends have finished their meal they can throw the entire thing away… have nothing to clean… and most importantly, have nothing to return!

Today I made meals for two friends with new babies.  
Here’s what the completed package looked like:

In the adult “to-go” bag (the white bag) I included:
Curry Chicken Salad Sandwiches

Champagne Salad

Peanut Butter Cookie Sandwiches

(If the package is for a new mom, I like to include beer. That sounds strange, I know… but when I was first nursing my milk supply was low and my doctor told me to drink beer. I figure either the new mommy can work on her milk supply, or the new daddy will really like me. It’s a win-win.)

And of course I included plates, napkins and utensils.

The kids “to-go” bag for the big brother and big sister included:
  A more kid-friendly sandwich, a PB & J (just be sure there is a not a nut allergy when preparing your meal)

A bag of veggies & dip
A bottle of water 

Two cookies (without the chocolate frosting... we don't need to be hyping up those older siblings) 
and a napkin... all tucked neatly into their own special bag.

Next week I will give you the recipes for my Curry Chicken Salad and my favorite Champagne Salad.


  1. love it em! and a tip for the "green" folks, when you get take out ... some of those containers are fab ... like the ones in your pics ... and you can wash and re-use them ... save just a few for those fabulous new moms! and there is a debate about the benefits of recycling vs the water used for washable dishes, ect ... so argue on!

    great idea and the extra time and thought is so meaningful!

  2. Maybe I should reconsider a third? But hey - I'm your sister and I didn't get a meal like that with #1 or #2!

  3. LOL, Emmy! I don't consider myself so much "green" as a "conscious consumer." I want to be sure that what I buy/consume is the best choice (environmentally, economically, physically, and mentally), and in this case disposable is the best choice! :)

    (Or, if you're willing to store them, load up on Pyrex when it's on clearance and make the dish a gift with the food.)

    I'm looking forward the recipes because the picture is making me hungry.

    And -- Hi, Molly!!!!

  4. I hope this means you are coming to Denver when # 3 arrives :)

  5. Oh so lovely however, I'm a little disappointed that there is no leopard print anywhere.

    Where do you get the packaging that the salads are in?

  6. Hey, that meal looks familiar!! :) We LOVED your dinner last night and Blake especially loved his own bagged meal. I've never seen him so excited about veggies before!

    You are a wonderful friend. Thanks again for the delicious dinner!

  7. The cookie recipe would be great too!

  8. wow...i need to have another baby so you'll bring all that yummy stuff!! i LOVE it! i can't wait for the recipes either. such cute presentation, but i really wouldn't expect anything less from you! (:

  9. you make everything so cute!!

  10. Ahhhhhhh! SO cute! When I make dinners for friends I usually make a chicken pot pie. I have my MIL find pie pans for me at garage sales (she's a professional garage sale shopper, not kidding.) so they get to keep the dish, or pass it along to someone else.

  11. Love this! I'm bringing dinner to a new mommy this Friday and you gave me some great ideas:) Love your blog-nice job! But then again it looks like everything you do is so artistic and amazing:)