Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Confession: I Live at the Foot of Laundry Mountain

When Beau was born and I began my career as a Stay-at-Home Mom, I decided that rather than spend my week battling laundry, I was going to have a Laundry Day. So that’s what I did. Every Monday I would spend the day sorting, moving, bleaching, stain-treating, folding, and hanging. And that was that. By the end of Monday… laundry was done and I had six laundry free days to enjoy until the next Laundry Day.

I was a stickler about Laundry Day. Sometimes Nathan would run out of work out clothes or we would visit the pool too often and be out of towels… but that was too bad! If it wasn’t Monday, I wasn’t doing laundry.

Then reality set in. I started my own business. Beau got bigger… so did the laundry piles.

What I used to be able to get done in 4 or 5 loads now takes 8 or 9. Laundry Day has turned into Laundry Days… okay, Laundry Week.

Enter Laundry Mountain

I still start Laundry Day on Monday (usually), but I am usually still finishing my loads on Tuesday and Wednesday. I don’t fold as I go… I pile… I build Laundry Mountain.

The other day Nathan told me he is getting a complex that I am trying to take him out. I build Laundry Mountain next to his side of the bed. 

On more than one occasion he has tumbled down the mountain in the middle of the night. 

This is what my room typically looks like.  
Giant pile of clothes next to (Nathan's side of) the bed.
Stack of unmatched socks on (Nathan's) nightstand.
Pile of clothes on the window seat that need to be hung up.
Oh... and on this day, note the suitcases in the right corner that need to be unpacked... more laundry!

In the mornings we all excavate… looking for a clean pair of underwear or a pair of matching socks. If it is a week that my cleaning lady is coming then I spend Thursday night folding and hanging. If not… well then, what’s the point… I’m just going to have more to add to the pile in a few days, right?

So now you know the truth. I hope it makes you feel better about the state of affairs in your home.


  1. haha Emmy, this is great and it does make me feel better about my laundry situation. I have so many mom friends and this seems to be a problem for all of us. I think your pile is great lol That is about the size of pile for ONE of my girls. Laundering for 4 girls is an impossible task and we tumble down our mountain everyday. I tried laundry day and I had 16 loads of laundry to do and it never got done in one day. It's laundry everyday for me...never ending. What's the solution??? I ask ALL my mom friends that question and no one has given me an answer hahahaha


  2. Hooray for another fun blog to add to my list!!! LOVING your posts, Em! Keep 'em coming:)

  3. Ironically, I am folding laundry as I read this...

  4. Emmy, you're the one who convinced me to sign on to "laundry day." Are you telling me that this is the natural progression that I'm following? If that's the case I'm done for!

  5. Growing up with 6 siblings...we all had our own day....Im trying to incorporate that, but have to catch up first!

    Ill do each kids laundry on their day....when they are old enough, then they do it themselves on that day.

    And, considering your bed is made ....Id say you are doing pretty well :)

  6. speaking of laundry mountain...i am ignoring mine as i type this!!! i find myself drowning in laundry most weeks!!! even if i do get it all folded...well then i have to put it ALL away!!! ugh!!! but it is comforting to know that even you Emmy, have a laundry mountain. And i laugh at the thought of you all searching for "that other sock"!!! glad i'm not alone!!!!
    thanks for the laugh!
    your midwest friend
    Bethany Gaut

  7. I think it's time to start the Laundry Mountain Club. I am soooo glad i am not alone. Love your blog!