Thursday, April 29, 2010

TV Answers

Great guesses everyone! I knew there were a few super tough ones in there.

So here are the answers:

1. Saved by the Bell  If you didn't know this one... were you living under a rock in the 90's???  C'mon!  Remember when Jessie became a drug addict for one episode???

2.  Seinfeld

3.  Friends
4.  Arrested Development

5.  The Office

6.   The OC

7.  Desperate Housewives
8.  One Tree Hill  One of so many fantastic lines by Brooke Davis!

9.  Modern Family  A new classic.

 10.  Dawson's Creek

11.  Felicity  I figured this would be the most difficult one, but I thought it was too funny to pass up, and I loved Felicity!

12.  Everybody Loves Raymond

13.  The Wonder Years
14.  Newhart

15.  Just Shoot Me
Bonus:  The Loop

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