Friday, July 16, 2010


I know... I've been MIA.  I'm sorry.

But I have three excuses.

One is that I have been teaching Vacation Bible School all week at church.  Anyone that has ever participated in a VBS with 500+ children in 90+ degree weather knows how incredibly draining that is!

My second excuse is that tomorrow the Social Worker is coming to interview us and do our Home Inspection, so I have been madly locking up medicines, filling in fountains, and purchasing fire extinguishers.

The last excuse is my favorite.
Frankly, I felt like my posting on Monday was way more profound than I am... so I wanted to relish in it for a little while.  I mean seriously people... that was pretty good stuff that God gave me.  I wanted to make sure you all had time to read it.

Alright... wish us luck tomorrow!


  1. we will be thinking and praying for you from KS!!!

  2. i will let you know i noticed, got a tad worried! how did the weekend go?