Thursday, July 29, 2010

You're the Boss: Part 3

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Be Concentrated
If you are serious about wanting a successful business and not just a hobby, pick just one or two products and make them the best version of those products that you can.

I feel very strongly that if you have a home-based business you should stick to just one product, or a few very similar products.  
At least in the beginning.

All the more so if you have an Etsy shop.
I have never listed my invitations on Etsy.  I'm not sure why... I just have never done it.
Lately, I have been considering it.
However, if I do, I will open a different shop for my invitations.
I really like that when people look at my Much Ado About You shop, this is what they see:
Calendars... and then some more calendars.

It drives me crazy when I go to an Etsy shop and out of the twenty items listed for sale in the shop there are 18 different products.  I won't buy from a shop like that for two reasons:

1.  It tells me that they are not serious about their business.  They are grasping at straws trying to find a product that works... and FYI... they haven't found it.

2.  It tells me that I am going to get a crummy version of their product, because they haven't made enough of them to perfect it.

Here are some examples of shops that speak to my heart:

This shop offers several different types of accessories, but they all incorporate her beautiful, handmade rosettes.

Looking for an apron?  Here's where you will find aprons.  And some aprons.  And a few aprons.
I love it!

This shop sells adorable handmade baby shoes... just like it says.  I would feel confident ordering baby shoes here because she clearly makes a lot of baby shoes.  Sizing can be tricky with baby shoes... but I would trust her descriptions because she has sold 177 pairs of baby shoes.  Baby shoes... get it?

Again, this shop sells several different items, but they all incorporate beautiful handmade felt flowers.  There is consistency.

 Handmade headbands and hairclips.  Headbands and hairclips.  Headbands and hairclips.
You getting the idea?

So pick one thing {that you love to make, remember} and make as many versions of that one thing as you would like to.
But for now, stick to that one thing.


  1. great advise... still trying to find my niche product... perhaps i just suck that bad... ;)

  2. I can vouch for Annie's Attic. I bought one of her aprons and it is THE BEST. So cute, great quality and, yes, her store is adorable. Great advice, as always!

  3. I feel the absolute same way and I originally (on feebay) was just selling dresses and coats. And they were statement peices - but when I moved to etsy I kept getting request for everything in between so i ended up just putting onesies, boys attire and everything in between in my shop. But CSL was always meant to be a dress shop. This has totally inspired me! Im cleaning house (website) this weekend :D

  4. Thanks Emmy, Im enjoying these blogs about Home Based Business. Great Info!!

  5. Just blogging around this evening, and found your blog. I've had an enjoyable time reading it. Thank you for letting me visit.

  6. Seriously, I so needed this! Making changes to my etsy soon! thanks so much for this! So separate etsy shops? Hmm... I will definitely be taking that into consideration, or just rethink how I sell my paintings. Thanks again.