Thursday, July 8, 2010

Obsession: Fonts

I am obsessed with fonts.

I have over 500 on my computer.
{Which I don't recommend... it just makes choosing a font extremely difficult.}

Generally speaking, I will find a new font that I love.
I will use it as much as possible, on every invitation I design.

Then... one day... I will just tire of that font and it will leave my repertoire.

Of course, I don't delete it from my computer, because what if one day I decide I like it again?

Another thing I am obsessed with is Christmas cards {wait for it... I swear there will be a connection}.

I love getting and giving Christmas cards.  I have a contest to choose my favorites in a variety of categories that change each year {for example, this year we had the category "Best Use of a Fake Deer"}.

Last year, my friend Corey {who is a Graphic Artist} and I were looking through Brooke's Christmas Cards and we decided that there should be a Font Graveyard {see... there it is}.
A place where we can bury {i.e. delete from the computer} those fonts that have been so very overplayed and should never, ever be used again.

This morning, I think I will start clearing the clutter, and begin the burial.

Here are the fonts I am burying first and foremost.
{If you are currently using one of these fonts as your go-to... please consider making a change.}

If I have just crushed your spirit by burying your favorite font, I apologize.
So how about I make it up to you by telling you my newest font secret?

I found this blog a few weeks ago...

You can download {for free} some amazingly cute fonts.

My current obsessions are:

See... super adorable, right?
Did I make it up to you?

Do you have any font secrets to share???
Want to add some to the memorial?  Or know about a great font resource?
Think I'm a cooky bird that obsesses about weird things?

It's okay... I am aware.


  1. What about the "Jennifer" font!?!

  2. i like the freeze one. and you didnt dash my dreams, my favorite standard font is garamond. phew! glad it made the cut :]

  3. If you don't already know about it, check out and Great sites that have free downloads. One of my favorites right now is Pharmacy!

  4. As a graphic designer I must say I loved that entry. I had a good giggle when checking the "buried fonts". Actually, I would like to find a way to make those way lame fonts look cool again. A designer's challenge...tell your friend, Corey. Bonus points if it's Comic Sans! :)

  5. Don't you LOVE kevin and amanda??? Their site is awesome! I have downloaded all of their fonts... I'm pretty sure! :)

  6. thanks for the link!!! your post made me giggle. i am adding 'curlz' to your graveyard.

  7. Dear Emmy - I'd like to kick you in the pants because I do not need any more encouragement to download even more fonts than the hundreds I have. Seriously. :-P

  8. I totally agree with you! I love that 'eight fifteen'... it actually made me "oooh" out loud! :)

  9. I love this post! The only free fonts I knew about were at, and most of them are, frankly, lame. :)

  10. I like Garamond too. It is the font I use for my blog. :) And Patty... definitely Curlz! I can't believe I forgot that one!!!

  11. Would I be shot if I said "Scriptina?" I think it might have been great at one time. But I've been over it for awhile.

  12. OMG I am a font freak also!!!

  13. Well, I am happy to find more of my kinds.. :-P